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VingCard launches new smart door lock solution

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-07
The World's Largest Hotel Equipment Fair-- 2006 Paris International Hotel Equipment Exhibition (Equip & acute; The Hotel 2006) The Best Innovation Award of the year was awarded to VingCard's solution-- Signature RFID electronic lock solution, in which customers can enter the room through NFC mobile phones. The Signature RFID compatible NFC Mobile Phone solution of VingCard, a Norwegian smart lock company, won the 'Best Innovation Award in technology and network' at the 2006 Paris International Hotel Equipment Exhibition '. 'This is the first time in boarding history that customers can open the door lock of a room through a mobile phone with built-in NFC function '. QUIP & acute; Ms. Valérie Lobry, the main person in charge of the HOTEL, believes that innovation is not only about technology, but also about technology and its influence on boarding history and customers. VingCard's Signature RFID and NFC Mobile Phone Solutions have ushered in a new era in improving customer satisfaction and registration/check-out efficiency. This solution stands out among all applications competing for this award. This time, VingCard teamed up with NXP and major mobile phone manufacturers to become the first security company to enter intelligent control through mobile phones and bring NFC technology into life. Using NFC mobile phone to open hotel door lock NFC is a new small-scale wireless technology, which can put the functions of reader and card together. This year it will be applied to a new generation of mobile phones. By working with NXP ( RFID radio frequency express note: Formerly Philips Semiconductor Company) The hotel equipped with VingCard RFID smart lock can provide remote registration. Before arriving at the hotel, customers can receive the hotel's reservation confirmation information, room number and encrypted room key code through SMS system, so that customers can go directly to the room without registering, the customer opens the room through an NFC-compatible mobile phone. Signature RFID is an open RFID lock platform, which is designed to be customer friendly and compatible with rfid iso standard ( RFID radio frequency express note: ISO 14443 A- MIFARE, ISO 14443 B, ISO 15693)And new NFC ( RFID radio frequency express note: Near Field Communication, Near Field Communication)Compatible secure trading platform. VingCard believes that RFID technology gives hotels (Hotel)And the benefits of customers will be immeasurable. Part of the attraction of Signature RFID comes from its open platform architecture, which complies with relevant RFID standards and security protocols and is compatible with a variety of RFID devices. Door locks have evolved from traditional electronic locks to RFID smart locks. 'if they are limited to one standard, hotels will not be willing to invest in RFID,' metier said, 'In order to maximize flexibility, the Signature RFID we designed supports all major standards. Customers can choose their own application solutions. With Signature RFID, you don't have to worry about the danger of choosing the wrong RFID standard year. This is the same as the scene of choosing VHS and VHS standards in the past. 'Signature RFID draws on the Signature of VingCard. Only the key card reader and door handle are visible, and the hardware of the door is integrated with the hotel environment. The combination of RFID and NFC provides a strong guarantee for hotel security. The Design of Signature RFID brings more convenience and security to customers and hotel staff. And has stronger selectivity-- Provide excuses with next generation technologies, including NFC mobile phones; Stronger adaptability-- Suitable for hotels, hotels, convalescent shops, etc. Just like Signature, the system design is very flexible. There are many color choices for RFID readers, and door handles can be selected. When the hotel visual effect and environment need to be changed, signature RFID provides customers with a new interactive experience. 'VingCard has always been committed to providing the best security technology for customers' valuables and their assets,' metier said. 'We attach importance to customers and their feedback on products and services, signature RFID is the product of customer demand. '
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