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Detail - household interior door Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-18
Household interior door lock is usually stainless steel door lock or zinc alloy indoor door lock, durable and not only beautiful beautiful, household indoor door lock as every family one of essential products, but many friends still don't understand, or cognitive degree is not deep, rich yu hardware small make up today is for everybody to introduce common indoor door lock at home.     A: the classification of indoor door lock & emsp;   Locks the common materials are: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, pure copper and other alloy, etc. , according to the use of material is different, can be divided into: the indoor door lock stainless steel interior door lock, the zinc alloy indoor door lock, pure copper interior door, aluminum alloy indoor door lock, etc. , of the several kinds of material, according to the structure, and can be divided into: a body two kinds of interior door lock and the overall interior door.     2: indoor door of choose and buy common sense & emsp;   1, first look at the quality of the indoor door lock, press to rebound, open to smoothly; Surface polishing, fine without trachoma, cracks, etc. ; If it is the bathroom or toilet environment is damp, before buying, first ask will not rust, oxidation will rub off with a long time, and so on.     2, according to decorate a style to choose, as indoor door lock, in addition to basic doors, more decorative, the modelling of the door on the market is rich, presents the diversification, and even some interior door manufacturer support custom service, therefore, beautiful decoration, is one of the key factor.     3 is installed on the wooden door, interior door lock, therefore, in the choice of time and want to make sure of their own wooden door is matching, such as: some indoor door left open the door and right to open the door, bought the wrong, may be installed is not, this is very important, if not clear, you can click on the online customer service, consulting.     Three: household indoor door cleaning and maintenance & emsp;   1, regular cleaning the dust on the surface of the door lock and stain, keep it clean and beautiful.     2, in order to guarantee the use time of door lock, the connection between each part should be fixed checking whether lubrication, turn the lock with a key, if it has obvious inhibiting feeling, should be timely in just the right amount of grey pencil or graphite powder, turn the lock for many times, to ensure its flexibility.     3, in use process at ordinary times, do not violent doors, not only damage the door frame, will harm the lock body.     Above is introduced in detail about indoor door lock, fu yu hardware professional interior door lock manufacturers, professional to provide indoor door locks, zinc alloy, stainless steel, aluminum alloy design is complete, suitable for engineering, wooden door, wooden door locks.
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