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'Fake fingerprint' can open the smart door lock? Replication conditions are difficult to establish

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-19
2019-09- 24 Source: Consumer daily online browsing: 21 Comments: 0 Core tip: media reports that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumers Association has tested 38 smart door locks without a fully qualified news, which has become a hot topic, it has even caused panic among the industry and users, and has caused people to report to the media of intelligent door lock security that the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Consumers Association has detected that none of the 38 intelligent door locks is completely qualified, which has become a hot topic, it even caused panic in the industry and users, and triggered discussions on the safety and reliability of intelligent door locks. ( The map is derived from CCTV13 'Weekly Quality Report' news video) Copying fingerprints is extremely difficult and illegal. First, learn about the fake fingerprint unlock that the public pays most attention. In the report, when the inspectors used fake fingerprints for experiments, the intelligent door locks were easily unlocked. This unlocking experiment is under laboratory conditions, the fake fingerprint has been made in advance and then tested. But how are fake fingerprints copied? The report did not explain the process in detail. The fake fingerprint was made in the laboratory by pressing the finger with the fingerprint on the silica gel with conductive medium and using professional tools. That is, use the fingerprint of the door lock owner to make a silicone fingerprint, and then open the door lock. However, in real life, such replication conditions are difficult to establish. However, on the items that people have grasped and the intelligent locks that have been opened, fingerprints are mostly overlapped and staggered, and it is almost impossible to open the fingerprint locks of regular brands. If you want to make this kind of fake fingerprint, you need to cooperate with me to copy the fingerprint to make it. Therefore, in real life, the probability of unlocking the fake fingerprint by extracting the fingerprint is very low. However, it is no less difficult to obtain the user's fingerprint through other channels or technical means than to pry the lock into the household, and it is illegal. The harsh experimental conditions have helped the industry to improve its technical level. Relevant reports have aroused great repercussions in the society. A tester who asked not to be named said that the detection of intelligent door locks is relatively harsh, even exceeding the national standard. For example, for the detection of the use environment, according to GA374 (Public safety industry standards)Requirements, the maximum range is- 25 ° C to 55 ° C, and this experiment is based on the limit-40 ° C to 70 ° C. Even in Mohe, the northernmost part of China, the lowest temperature per day in December is just- 34℃, and the highest temperature in the history of the South China Sea islands will not exceed 70℃. This kind of temperature limit test does not have much practical significance compared with real life, but it does urge big brands to continuously improve their products. In addition, the abnormal experiment of the circuit in the report is also the focus of people's concern, fearing that the door lock will be crossed by the password and the fingerprint will be easily opened. In the experiment, the descendants of the disassembled machine simulated the chip failure in a short circuit way, spared the unlocking instruction issued by the password or fingerprint, and directly drove the chip to work to open the door lock. Such experiments require that the system or equipment can still perform normal functions when random failures occur. For ordinary users, extreme faults realized under such laboratory conditions are almost impossible, just like the limit temperature test, and there is no need to worry too much. Some media also pointed out that mainstream brands have been improving related technologies, just like the experience of mobile phones and computer systems, they are constantly improving themselves and constantly improving their learning. For example, after the baptism of the small black box incident last year, mainstream brands have already had solutions to high-intensity electromagnetic interference. Some people quote a famous saying from the medical profession that leaving the dose to talk about toxicity is a hooligan. The industry is also calling for a scientific and rigorous attitude to discuss the test results under normal or reasonably foreseeable use conditions, truly protect the rights and interests of users, and promote the positive development of the industry. As a cutting-edge technology, semiconductor technology's commercial expression is not rigorous enough. Major brands have begun to modify commercial expressions that are easily misunderstood by users, the supervision of testing agencies and the media is already playing a role. However, only high-standard testing and realistic and objective reporting can provide guiding reference for consumers' purchase. (Consumer Daily Network)
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