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First domestic public housing by 5 g + NB technology, all-round to realize intelligent management - — | _nb locks _nb smart lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
Solution for the government in the public housing operations management professionals lack, service level is not high, in the second half of 2018 the ministry, the Ministry of Finance in guangxi and other eight provinces implementing government purchase of public housing pilot work, operational management services as one of the six pilot cities in guangxi, nanning earnest organization to carry out the government purchase of public housing operations management service for the pilot. First 5 g + NB technology of intelligent public housing district on September 10, 2019 to 11, the ministry of housing department deputy director general of liu xia, Ministry of Finance of the Hu Zhongyong deputy director and other leaders listened to nanning government purchase of public housing operation management of the pilot service report and site visit nanning fairy assembles garden public housing communities implementing government purchase services intelligent pilot construction. Done to nanning gave full affirmation, and fairy assembles estates are summarized and requests of nanning government purchase public housing district 11 floor service intelligent pilot work, form can be copied, can promote the pilot results as soon as possible, as the main content of government purchase of public housing services in the city's various public housing plot gradually introduced, further reduce the pressure of a late operation management, improve the ability of management services. It is understood that nanning fairy assembles garden public housing mainly adopts the most advanced 5 g network, and in the 11th floor, a total of 738 sets of public housing community adopt by skynet interconnection technology ( Shenzhen) Co. , LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as: skynet interconnection) NB - 物联网( Narrowband Internet of things) Smart door locks, leasing management platform ( SaaS) And equipment management platform ( PaaS) And mobile terminal APP/WeChat small programs. Implements the brush card door, remote monitoring state, online authorization, sublet batches, prevent from intelligent comprehensive rental and management functions such as check-out. 5 g and NB - 物联网( Narrowband Internet of things) 5 g is a new generation of cellular mobile communication technology, and 4 g ( LTE, WiMAX - 一) ,3 g ( UMTS) ,2 g ( 全球移动通信系统) The extension of standards before. Compared to call 2 g, 3 g can surf the Internet, meet the demand of mobile Internet users than 4 g, can gradually commercial 5 g on multiple performance, such as high data rate; Low latency; More efficient; Effectively reduce the communication cost; Have a higher system capacity; More reliable connection; The average download speed 1 GBPS, up to 20 GBPS, etc. NB- IoT is based on the cellular narrowband Internet became an important branch of the Internet, all NB - Is the biggest characteristic, IoT transmission distance at an astonishing 10 km, can cover a small town. And can bring numerous terminals, a base station can take more than 20 a terminal. This means that the management of a manhole cover, parking fees, easy, and cheap. NB- IoT technology for innovative applications in the field of Internet of things bring vitality, to the remote meter reading, security alarm, intelligence, wisdom, street lamp cover many areas such as innovation breakthrough. Successful cases in addition to the above nanning fairy assembles public housing the skynet interconnection of NB - IoT intelligence door lock case, skynet interconnection has the following several projects have successfully deployed NB - IoT intelligence door lock and has stable operation success stories: 1, HOME LINK vision ( Shenzhen city village renovation) — — In May 2019, the vision of a city and shenzhen investment co. , LTD. ( HOME LINK co. ) And came to shenzhen industrial co. , LTD. Signed in May, 2019, 580 sets of intelligent door locks procurement contract, is now more than 300 sets of landing, the project shall be used for the city housing reform. Project using my company intelligent door locks, and your own APP and operating platform, through the standard API interface docking; 2, yunnan kunming public housing communities - — In September 2018, and can vote in yunnan is industrial investment co. , LTD. Signed in September 2018, 1298 sets of intelligent door locks and platform project contract, the project is located in the city of kunming chenggong OuDeYun can force hin in public housing, using my company's full range of solutions. Fall to the ground at the end of September, 2018 of the project has been running smoothly for ten months 3, changsha capital share rest room - — Capital share rest house in January 2019, changsha, using skynet interconnected intelligent door locks, through the PaaS platform docking its operating platform and APP, visitors swept through code lock, operators through the PaaS platform interface call lock state and use information. This is a kind of typical dispersion of home stay facility application, very suitable for smart door lock landing scenario 4, e-sports hotel in changsha city - — E-sports apartment in August 2019, changsha, using skynet connected smart locks and building management SaaS platform for hotel guest room management, customer through APP booking hotel rooms, sweep code lock, hotel manager room, orders, unlock access through the platform management, promote the hotel operation management ability, increase marketing, enhance core competitiveness. 5, shenzhen baoan sigurd apartment - — In May 2019, shenzhen west's apartment first to enable skynet connected smart locks and building management SaaS platform used for house leasing, tenant by password, mobile phone APP, landlord in cloud platform for housing, leases, bills, unlock access to conduct a comprehensive control, never leave home with the property operations
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