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For your detailed introduction in 2018 NBIoT iot locks - Skynet interconnection technology ( Shenzhen) Co. , LTD. |

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-09
What is? NB- IoT is a 3 GPP standards define LPWA ( Low power consumption wide area network) Solution that is designed to overcome the iot mainstream cellular standard setting high power consumption and distance constraints, using one of the authorized spectrum technology. NB- IoT is an emerging technology, IoT field support cellular data of low power consumption equipment in the wide area network connection, also called wan (low power consumption LPWA) 。 NB- IoT support long standby time, the network connection to demand higher efficient connection of the equipment. Networking locks compared with iot lock function 【 Wireless, cable, NB - IoT locks contrast 】 NB- IoT IoT locks no wiring, easy installation, solved the difficult problem locks poor network connection and energy dissipation, is the best solution of remote centralized management locks. Eight of the advantages of iot locks NBIOT 1, support 4 g network, network system based on NB - without wiring the lock IoT IoT, won the domestic support, the industry of the big companies like qualcomm, huawei, China mobile, China unicom, China telecom, etc. , to support offline work mode. 2, centralized management locks on fingerprint, password and card, open the door to allocate. The biggest can manage 60000 lock. 3, real-time management locks can be real-time authorization and cancellation of open access, set to open the door the period of validity, support the remote to open the door. Section 4, low power consumption by 4 5 alkaline batteries provide the power and use at least a year, and to provide emergency external power interface. 5 monitor automatically receive door lock, door lock state information, state of battery, open the door and getting unlock records, clock automatic calibration function. 6, maintenance management door lock system has the function of report and black and white list, let the hotel, apartment and public housing management carefree! 7, privilege level lock management system has permission to hierarchical management function, strong management system, quick distribution or delete user roles, the hierarchy of flexible management, and support mobile remote authorization to send a one-time password. 8, support custom can realize fingerprint, password, M1 card, id card, CPU card, mechanical key to open the door, mobile phone APP ways. Door lock is suitable for installation of wooden door or iron gate ( Guard against theft) , according to customer demand, custom satisfaction smart lock!
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