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Four kinds of common indoor door lock detail - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-19
Indoor door lock can know from the name refers to the installed in indoor door locks, anti-theft and decorative role. In life there are many common indoor door lock, sums up can be divided into four major categories, respectively is: spherical interior door lock, insert core of hand lock, the sliding door lock and invisible door lock. Each type of indoor door lock use is different scenarios and installation of doors. Fu yu hardware below small make up is respectively introduce the four characteristics of indoor door lock, to deepen the understanding on indoor door lock.     The four common indoor door lock: & emsp;   A: spherical interior door lock & emsp;   Refers to handle for spherical door lock, features: process is simple and complex internal structure and is easy to fail, use longer handle easy to loose, even fall off. Main production materials have stainless steel, iron, and pure copper, using occasions: a bedroom, a kitchen, a study, such as corridor space.     2: insert core of hand lock & emsp;   Insert core of hand lock according to the structure can be divided into fission lock two locks and an organic whole, is the market mainstream indoor door lock, commonly used materials are stainless steel, zinc alloy, pure copper and aluminum four in space. Characteristics: rich in style, beautiful appearance, wide price range. Especially suitable for the occasion of use are: bedroom, study, kitchen, bathroom and other interior space. Price range between 20 to 200, to choose room is big.     Three: sliding door lock & emsp;   Sliding door lock as the name suggests is installed on the sliding door locks, common usage scenarios for the balcony sliding door or kitchen sliding door, such as common sliding door lock with stainless steel material is given priority to, part of the low price products are iron products.     Four: stealth lock & emsp;   Invisible door lock, also known as the dark door lock, usually refers to the installation in stealth lock on the door, the door lock is the typical characteristics of small size, high concealment, is not easy to detect.     Is more than four common indoor door lock are introduced in detail, the characteristics of different indoor door lock, use the scene is not the same, if you are looking for indoor door lock, you should first know your requirements, so can largely reduce search range, improve the accuracy. Fu yu hardware specializing in the production of interior door lock for 21 years, experienced, various styles, welcome consulting.
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