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Hainan unlock: the daily maintenance method of safe

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-22
Many families have a safe to store their important things. If the door lock is the first safety lock of the property, the safe is another guarantee of the property. Next, Xiaobian will tell you how to maintain the safe. ① When turning the mechanical password lock, it is necessary to turn it slowly and calmly. Do not turn it violently. At the same time, remember the direction and times. If it exceeds the mark line, it is not allowed to turn back. It must be started again. ② It is better to set the password when the safe door is open. After the password is set, you should input the new password for several times. After confirmation, you can lock the cabinet door. ③ Do not lock the manual and emergency key into the safe. ④ : when the alarm is used, the switches and electronic components inside shall not be adjusted at will. It is found that the sound becomes smaller, indicating that the battery is used up, and it shall be replaced in case of emergency. In case of false alarm, the sensitivity can be properly reduced. ⑤ To ensure the safe is fixed reliably, the taper pin center in the expansion nut must be hammered until the nut is expanded and tightened. The nut is sufficiently strong in the wall hole. ⑥ The safe must be fastened to the concrete wall. ⑦ When the external battery is used for a long time, remove the battery from the battery box. In short, the use of safe should always pay attention to safe maintenance, try to close the safe to avoid emergency.
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