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High-end electronic lock - — To be bestowed favor on newly

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-03
With the progress of the society, the improvement of residential premises, resolution must become the lock locks the market leader. Now, our country is given priority to with machine lock, door lock market important spherical door lock, lock machine hand locks and core door lock. And plug door lock than the other door lock in such aspects as good anti-theft function, the practical category, so more can be. However, it is necessary to carefully town and related household door lock need to order, and the difference.     Auto lock to become new & emsp;   With the constantly expanding of auto industry in our country, the car lock growth prospects look good. Country, issued by the Ministry of Commerce of China's automobile production jointed born in 2004 in the fourth, break through 5 million, 507. 050000, 14 more than the previous year. 11%. The cars accounted for about 47%, passenger cars accounted for about 26%, van accounted for about 27%. The growth of the car production, show car lock market vision is excellent, especially the high-end intelligence in car lock anti-theft lock market potential for greatness.     Furniture, office lock become to be bestowed favor on newly & emsp;   With household, office premise of the improvement and the growth of the business premises, make furniture, do special lock market is more and more big. Now, all kinds of drawer lock, wardrobe, luggage locks, lock cabinet lock, stationery cupboard lock, lock tongue, muscle lock, lock, safe lock the bathroom furniture, office lock requirement greatly. And these locks with real estate property, furniture industry, property for industries such as precision coherence, format, more and more, also more and more high quality request.     Higher lock is biased towards & emsp;   Follow our foreign withering constantly deep, high build growth quickly, higher market optimistic the locks. Lock industry in our country to lock the investment of high and new skills are increasing year by year, the market of higher lock need also increased year by year. Especially is booming country's need for higher locks is very flourishing. Monopoly in China's lock industry in catch the opportunity and real-time access to the higher lock market. Shenzhen messiah through electronic lock in high-end locks market stand a place, let the locks of powers such as South Korea lock companies seek to diverse 'soup'. Map system lock enterprise also vary opening out like the rest of the IC card electronic door locks, electronic combination lock, encryption card door locks, building intercom security system, and the valve locks, etc. Other some enterprises in opening up the fingerprint lock. Because of the high concentration of high-end locks skills, increasingly raised the characteristics of humanity, nature, with product profit is also higher than force. Add locks product generation rate acceleration, high-end locks will gradually become a tributary of the locks.
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