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The door of hand lock is a good - a body or fission Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-30
Meet friends ask small make up two days before the door of hand lock is to choose one of the or fission of better, see a lot of people with fission of hand lock in the home, from the appearance is very good-looking, but I don't know how practical. So what kind of door of hand lock is better? Small make up consulted, head of the company's products to compare in detail.     From the installation point of view, fission lock is more difficult to install, because his hands and lock is separate, open hole is not good, it is difficult to install, on the other hand, if fission lock or installation workmanship problems, the owner to use after a few years you will find panel easy to fall, when the time comes will be very ugly. So does say fission door hand lock is bad? Actually otherwise, also hold hand fission lock modelling is more concise and easy, if the installation master very skillful, also is no problem.     Also buy fission is holding hands or one hand lock lock depends mainly on what is installed on the original wood door locks, is to choose what you, without the necessity of opening again. , locked the door of the old hand is removed to a nearby hardware store, with a new pair of lock, mount.     In addition to the above said to the outside, the door of hand lock when choosing largely depends on their own preferences, aesthetic, and the quality of the locks. If still not clear, you can search the rich yu hardware, there will be a professional customer service reception, fission lock or a body lock has many styles.
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