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These smart homes change your lifestyle!

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-19
At present, many people will choose some modern intelligent devices when installing them at home, but at present people have higher requirements for intelligent devices, and their choices are more critical, in addition to perfect functions, its exterior design should also be better integrated into the modern home decoration style, which is the most perfect combination. Next, let's take a look at some smart home products with outstanding design and most in line with modern home decoration style. First, the intelligent door lock, the door lock is the first safety barrier of the home, and is the equipment used almost every day in the home. Under the big wave of intelligent home, the intelligence of the door lock is also a trend, intelligent door locks can be said to have emerged. The smart door lock can be unlocked by the mobile phone, and the user can also set the visitor permission through the mobile phone, only be invited'People can take their mobile phones into the door. In addition to supporting mobile phone unlocking, it also retains the original unlocking method--The key is unlocked. Second, the traditional two-pole clothes drying style of the intelligent clothes hanger is monotonous and boring, and it has rusted for a long time. We have unconsciously become numb to this monotony. Nowadays, intelligent clothes drying machine-- It is equipped with value-added functions such as integrated lighting, ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection, negative oxygen ion generator, regular air drying, intelligent drying, home decoration, etc; It is suitable for villas, resorts, apartment buildings and various high-end residential quarters. It is generally installed on the balcony or on the roof near the window. In the cold winter, in the rainy season in the south, the clothes are not easy to dry after washing. The intelligent clothes drying machine solves this problem very well. It uses ultraviolet rays and drying technology to dry the clothes. So even on rainy and cold days, we have warm, dry, sun-flavored clothes to wear. Third, intelligent air conditioning, now intelligent air conditioning, has broken the design constraints of the traditional air conditioning industry, can integrate human-computer interaction technology into air conditioning, so that air conditioning can better understand consumers.
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