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2016 access control market broken billions card industry rally Rapid

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-08
The entrance guard card market has experienced decades of evolution and development, and has evolved from simple physical protection and entrance and exit management to integrated management. In the stage of diversified development, enterprises spare no effort to develop functions with core competitiveness and build brand influence, pushing the entrance guard card market to the era of internet of things. According to statistics, from 2015 to 2016, the output value of security products exceeded 180 billion yuan, of which access control/access channel/intelligent lock accounted for 12% to 14% of the output value of products, and is expected to exceed yuan in 2016. Through technological innovation and market upgrading, the traditional magnetic stripe card technology and induction card technology have been unable to meet the market demand. Customers expect to subvert the technology of the access control card market and obtain greater market space and product profit margin. With the popularity of smart phones, the access control market is undergoing a change in users' usage habits. From the application level, financial, transportation, commercial office buildings, government units, large group companies, real estate, hotels, education and other industry projects have a good demand for access control systems. According to the cycle characteristics of industry development, it is expected that in the next two years, there will be access control renovation work for a large number of outlets in the financial system, and the demand for access control is very huge. It is estimated that the scale of access control card products will reach 6 billion in 2016, and the growth rate is expected to reach more than 6%. At the same time, the access control technology based on IP tends to be mature, and the access control system can be integrated into other security solutions. The intelligence of access control system and the intelligence of video monitoring front end will bring good opportunities to the industry. In the future, smart phones will also be a way of entrance guard control, which will enable us to connect with locks and switches through wired and wireless, the combination of basic cards and wireless smart cards with a variety of voucher card technologies makes our first line of defense'Become safer and more reliable. Some views on the access control card market, in recent years, the access control card market seems to be calm, just like the attributes of access control products, stability is their way of survival. Everyone mistakenly thinks that the market technology iteration is slow and there are no technical highlights to discuss. In fact, the mature access control card system should have the characteristics of high reliability, high scalability, large capacity, etc, only in this way can it be suitable for complex application environment, unified management of multiple applications and technical characteristics that can gradually introduce new applications. So, what direction should entrance guard develop in the future? The author visited dozens of representative entrance guard card enterprises with questions. What are everyone doing? What is everyone thinking? There is a consensus for the future of access control, that is, as the first line of defense for physical protection, the durability of access control products is the basis of all application requirements, and access control products may not require early warning analysis, alarm prompt, video image display and other functions, as long as it can block the occurrence of robbery, its protective effect is continuous. Enterprises need to consider how to make access control products provide 24-hour uninterrupted protection. Access control systems can still realize protection functions under different environments and conditions. The innovation of access control card products lies in how to make users use access control products more conveniently, the operation mode of access control system is more flexible and simple, improving product responsiveness and enhancing user experience are all innovative directions, breakthroughs have also been made in the following areas: first, standardization of industrial design. How to make products higher than the standard, Yilin general manager said: product technology is the vitality of the enterprise, one of the most important components of the access control product is the lock cylinder, there is no network security here, there is no software compatibility, only the most important thing is the mechanical manufacturing process. Each of our manufacturing processes is ahead of international standards, and every part is manufactured by precision technology and can stand the test. ' Each product must withstand the test of the use environment, such as high temperature difference environment, anti-induced lightning, anti-impact and so on. The second is the openness of entrance guard. Access control card is a set of software and hardware compatible platform, using the service layer, application layer device layer' Distributed Application and centralized management are its composition and operation principles. Therefore, in addition to supporting the unified management of access control, attendance, parking lot, visitor system, consumption, etc. , the card platform can also ensure that the system can be easily accessed (Including hardware and software) Such as elevators, visitors, conference check-in, electronic patrol and other subsystems. The third is the security and stability of product networking. The current access control products are basically configured with TCP/IP and RS485 protocols, and because the system is based on TCP/IP network transmission, network security is valued by enterprises. IT network transmission security measures can often be used in all-in-one access cards. For example, some experts in the industry suggest to adopt VPN network Channel technology, which solves the threat of illegal attacks outside the VPN channel; Another example is the network access control equipment using SSL high encryption technology, which will make the communication with the controller pass strict security detection mechanisms such as SSL encryption, decryption and identity authentication.
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