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How to choose the company of changing lock cylinder?

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-29
Unlocking and changing locks is not only a small matter, but also a big one. The choice of lock is not only related to the safety of one's property, but also to one's personal safety. Therefore, once faced with the demand of unlocking and changing locks, we must carefully choose the company of changing lock cylinder. So how to find a reliable replacement cylinder company to look at the following small and medium-sized list of recommendations. 1. When checking the business license of the company, customers must carefully look at several items of the business license, including the business scope on the establishment date of the registered capital of the enterprise name. For example, baidu found that Yuan's lock unlocking and changing, we read the license on the website, the name of which is Hefei yuan's lock unlocking and changing company; the establishment date is 2012; the business scope has the words 'lock unlocking and changing'. Customers can make full comparison and optimization under the buyer's market conditions. 2. It is very important to check the public security organ's record certificate. Secondly, the reliable lock change cylinder company must have the public security organ's record certificate. For example, the Public Security Department of Hefei public security bureau, after several years of pilot summary, has formed a complete set of plans for the implementation of record management of the unlocking industry. From January 2016, the registration certificate for record of unlocking industry has been issued to the enterprises that meet the requirements of the specifications. The certificate indicates the term of validity and filing number of the enterprise name. Those who do not have the basic working conditions will not get the Filing Certificate. 3. View previous assignments. Then, the previous work cases of lock changing companies need to be reviewed. For example, the lock changing company can provide 24-hour door-to-door service, and has a deep research on the difficult locks of various difficult keys. The locksmith master of the company can skillfully unlock and change the lock cylinder for various imported locks, domestic locks, advanced car locks, safe locks, etc. With this kind of lock changing cylinder company to unlock and change locks for customers, customers are naturally at ease. To sum up, customers need to check the company's business license, the public security organ's Filing Certificate, and the previous work cases when choosing the lock cylinder replacement company. In addition, customers do a good job in selecting the national chain brand of the lock cylinder industry, such enterprise management is more formal service more thoughtful after-sales more rigorous. And no matter what city you live in, service is right beside you
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