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How to guard against theft

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-28
Anti theft, not only around the new year, usually also have to do anti-theft measures. We should have a sense of anti-theft at any time. As an old saying goes, the heart of anti-theft is indispensable. There was a time when I was careless. If I was careless, I would cause some unnecessary losses. Today, I will talk about how to prevent theft by helping to unlock the lock. First of all, the security door. Although there are security guards and access control in the current community, it is relatively safe, but it is also this, plus the owners' general idea. Give the thief a chance. How to say, because some developers with the door does not have anti-theft function, if not anti lock, it is easy to open the door. So, whenever you go out, you must use the key to lock. When you get home, you must remember to lock. Don't worry. Don't do anything else. It's better not to install a happy lock. It's convenient to use. You can lock it when you lift it with your hands. It seems to be anti lock. In fact, it's not anti-theft at all. It's opened all at once with professional tools. It's not very useful. Secondly, if the anti-theft door itself is anti-theft. It's better to change a C-level anti-theft lock cylinder. General class a lock cylinder, even if you anti lock two. The thief opens in seconds. If there is a cat's eye on the door, it's better to install a protective cover, so that you don't have to worry about the thief opening the anti-theft door of your home from the cat's eye. Another is to rent a house outside, we must pay attention to it, because generally, it is mainly internal door and wooden door, which are the most unsafe. If there is no anti lock for internal door, it is equal to no lock. Remember to anti lock when going out. And that kind of wooden door is even more unsafe. Whether you lock it with a key outside or inside, you can easily open it. Girls should pay attention to this kind of rental house alone. It's better to install another latch behind the door, so it's safe. Finally, don't put too much valuables and cash at home. Do the above, the thief will not be able to start. Don't think there's nothing to steal at home. If a thief comes in, it will scare you. Safety is the most important thing.
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