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Pressure lock factory - magnetic mute 20000 customers of common choice

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-15
Jinan manager Chen yesterday, by searching the magnetic suction mute lock factory, found us, understands preliminary communication, need 3000 pressed magnets mute lock to use on the local clothbound room project, the construction period is tight, need a manufacturer can supply from stock, delivery speed the sooner the better. Manager Chen found we just right, first of all, we are factory direct sale, with cash reserves of 3000 square meters, the supply capability has adequate security.     Magnetic suction mute pressure lock that we often say that the magnetic suction mute lock, the lock is one of our flagship product, use their research and development of the fifth generation in mute DFN mute technology, with the corresponding patent certificate. Magnetic suction mute pressure lock usually installed in the bedroom or study, such as requiring higher sound, reduce open or close the door locks and doors between the noise generated by the collision. Open state, the lock tongue back inside the lock body, closed state, through internal magnet, magnetic lock tongue suck, to achieve the effect of mute is closed.     Magnetic suction mute pressure lock to technology has high demands for manufacturers, the market is generally small, investment scale is not large, the production ability is limited, take the goods from the manufacturer, not only the quality of the products there may be a problem, and after sales is missing, the product malfunctioned, over trifling, there is no suitable solution.     Looking for magnetic mute lock factory, can learn about the rich yu hardware, factory in wenzhou, zhejiang province, with 21 years magnetic suction mute pressure lock production experience, direct manufacturers, long-term to provide door factory, store and engineering services, 20000 + service customers, all can delivery throughout the country.
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