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Relationship between unlocking industry and people's life

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-27
With the continuous development of social economy, the use of locks is expanding. Unlocking service has become an indispensable part of people's life. However, the non-standard of unlocking industry and a series of problems have also been exposed. Now many cities' unlocking stores are very common, too. The unlocking tools are not comprehensive, and the unlocking technology is not very sophisticated, When encountering some difficult locks, it will bring more economic burden to residents. Unlock ads can also be seen everywhere. On the corridor, there are ads for cleaning sewers and unlocking. People are very disgusted to see these ads. Now, with the development of society, the team of unlocking industry really needs so many people. However, there are few regular unlocking service stores now, many of which repair bicycles and turn to unlock. These unlocking teams are all mercenaries. When they see money, they will surely try their best to unlock the lock for you. Now there are few companies that actually register the unlocking service with the government, which is very difficult to manage. It's just a small unlocking tool, which can open many locks, and it can do harm to people's lives and help them. According to the administrative license law of the people's Republic of China, administrative license can be set for any specific activities directly related to national security and public security, and directly related to personal health, life and property safety, which need to be approved according to legal conditions. Obviously, the lock opening industry is directly related to public security and the safety of people's lives and property. Therefore, we all know that unlocking industry is a real special industry. The effective management of the lock industry is not a matter of time and place, but a wide range of problems. The number of locksmiths across the country has reached an amazing number. This group should be attached great importance to by the relevant departments. The license system should be implemented to effectively strengthen the registration and filing of standardized services and daily management and inspection work, so as to ensure the healthy and orderly development of the lock industry. The management of unlocking industry, benefiting the country and the people, needs the support of the international community and the domestic people. Based on the original intention of building a harmonious society, we want to make our society more stable, prosperous and prosperous
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