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The 12-year-old child did not go home until late at night. After his father changed a lock, the child went home on time after school.

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-18
Huanhuan has been in the fifth grade this year, and her study pressure is getting more and more intense. Her father asked her to go home on time every day after school and finish her homework before going out to play. Once, my father told Huanhuan that he would be on a two-day business trip and told Huanhuan to be obedient at home and go home on time after school. Huanhuan finally caught the opportunity of his father not being at home. After school for two consecutive days, Huanhuan went out to play with his classmates until late at night before returning home. After my dad came back from a business trip, I heard from the community security that Huanhuan came home very late yesterday. After Huanhuan came home from school, my dad asked her 'Huanhuan, I've been on a business trip for these two days, did you go home on time after school? Did not sneak out to play.' Huanhuan was afraid that his father would be angry, so she lied that she didn't go anywhere after school and went home very early. Dad heard this and walked up to Huanhuan and said to Huanhuan, 'Huanhuan, you have always been a good boy and an honest child. I hope you can tell the truth to your dad. When I came back, our community security said he saw You came home late last night, do you know? Dad is worried that you are not safe outside alone. You have to honestly tell Dad what you are doing after school during my business trip. Now tell Dad that I will not scold you. , But you can’t lie.” Huanhuan blushed after listening. She regretted it and told her the truth. Dad didn’t blame her after hearing it. He just told him not to lie or play that way. Late, let Dad worry and worry. Huanhuan’s father is usually busy at work, and the company has been working late in late hours. I don’t have time to take care of my daughter, and I worry about whether my daughter will go home on time every day after school. One day, Dad Huanhuan saw a smart door lock in WeChat Moments. The door lock can check the door opening records of his family through his mobile phone every day. Dad Huanhuan thought to himself that this would solve his recent worries? As long as you change the door lock at your house, you no longer have to worry about your daughter going out to play secretly, and you can keep track of your daughter's going home in time. So Huanhuan’s father ordered a Fuyu Tianyan smart lock online, and the master went to the door to install the lock after two days. After the lock is installed, Dad helps Huanhuan to record his fingerprints, and then tell Huanhuan that you can open the door and press your fingerprints to unlock the lock. You don’t need to bring the key. There are also two smart bracelets equipped with this lock, which you can bring every day. In your hand, you can also unlock the door with your hand ring next time you open the door, which is very convenient. Huanhuan likes this new lock very much. Dad tells Huanhuan that in the future, if he encounters danger at the door of his house, he will use another finger to open the door if he is forced to open the door. Dad will receive an alarm message and can catch the bad guy in time. .
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