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The military-civilian friendship between fish and water composes a new chapter of double support

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-20
On the occasion of the 'August 1st' Army Day, in order to enhance the emotional exchanges with the army officers and soldiers, and to talk about the friendship between the army and the people, Ningbo Daxie Development Zone Jiajie Zinc Casting Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Fuyu Hardware Co., Ltd. actively carried out condolences activities. The company’s infinite care and ardent blessings are given to these most lovable soldiers of the people. At 4:00 pm on August 1, 2018, Ningbo Daxie Jiajie Zinc Casting Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Fuyu Hardware Co., Ltd. cordially expressed their condolences to the officers and soldiers of the Ningbo Daxie Submarine 92858 Unit and recruits, and delivered daily supplies and other condolences. We extend our cordial holiday condolences to the officers and soldiers of the troops who have made contributions to the country. The two parties had a cordial discussion. Zhang Zhaohui, general manager of Ningbo Fuyu Hardware Company, firstly, on behalf of all the staff of the company, expressed sincere gratitude to the officers and soldiers for their efforts to maintain social security, stability, and support local construction. I wish them a happy holiday. Good health and smooth work, and hope that both parties will work closely together, help each other, and work together to build a harmonious Daxie. In the symposium, the members of the condolences group exchanged greetings with the officers and soldiers, and introduced each other's life in the military and corporate life. The officers and soldiers expressed their firm determination to “stay on one’s land and ensure the safety of one side”. The work was fully affirmed, and the two sides agreed that the work of civilized joint construction should be further promoted to promote enterprise development and army building. After the symposium, under the guidance of the leaders of the army, everyone first visited the officers and soldiers' dormitory. The spacious and simple dormitory for officers and soldiers, the neatly arranged items, the angular quilt, and the orderly environment of the dormitory made everyone applaud. Subsequently, the leaders of the army invited members of the condolence group to participate in the basketball game. In line with the sportsmanship of 'friendship first, game secondThe sound came one after another, and the waves were higher than the waves. The wonderful duel of the players presented a visual feast for everyone. After the game, at the invitation of the soldiers, the company condolences the members to visit the army canteen and have dinner with the soldiers. It is reported that Ningbo Daxie Jiajie Zinc Casting Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Fuyu Hardware Co., Ltd. have been attaching importance to the construction of corporate culture for many years and are committed to supporting public welfare activities. The two leaders of the company said: The military and the civilians have a deep friendship. The 'August 1st' Army Day condolences activities are an important task for building a 'caring' enterprise. In the future development of the company, we must use the military's good style, Good tradition, good ideas, and good quality are passed to the enterprise, and we are committed to building the 'Fuyu Tianyan Smart Lock' brand into a first-class brand and a caring brand.
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