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Families with children should choose such electronic smart locks!

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-09
For families with children, many functions on the smart lock also need to be considered when purchasing a smart lock. Generally, not long after the child is going away, the door lock can be reached when standing. 'The child' can be locked as soon as he can leave. Some families with pets can also find that their pets will open the door and even get lost. If you ignore some of the functional design of the smart lock, not only will the smart lock not be allowed to But it is convenient for us, but it will increase some unnecessary troubles. So for this little member of the family, how can we prevent unnecessary things from happening through smart locks? Anti-cat eye unlocking to help many children or pets will often Open the door lock, so this anti-cat's eye structure is still very important for smart locks. When unlocking, you need to apply a special direction (usually perpendicular to the door) force on the lock. How important is this structure? Children who are curious about everything will touch them as long as they encounter moving objects, but they don’t know about “can’t open the door.” The same is true for pets. They want to try when they see their owner open the door. When the door is opened, the danger is self-evident. However, the anti-lock function should be used with caution. For similar reasons, if the child accidentally locks the anti-lock knob when he is alone at home, he still doesn’t know how to unlock it. The parents outside the door really can only be in a hurry. If the smart lock has an anti-lock function, then it is necessary to ensure that the child cannot be at home alone. Then in addition to the anti-lock function, what else should be paid attention to? The facial recognition function does not affect the child. Not applicable Nowadays, mobile phones have begun to use facial unlocking, and smart lock manufacturers have followed up. But for families with children, facial recognition is not applicable to open the door. The reason is relatively simple, the face of the smart lock Recognition In order to take care of most users, it scans upwards when scanning faces, so that the figure of children who are not tall and cannot be recognized will be ignored. Therefore, the smart lock of facial recognition is not suitable for families with children at home to allow children to use alone .Fingerprint recognition? It’s better to swipe your card. Since facial recognition is not recommended, why is there a problem with fingerprint recognition with mature technology? For the smart locks mentioned above that cannot use facial recognition, the limitation is usually in the angle of capturing facial information Above. For children whose fingerprints have not been completely formed, the accuracy rate will become very low when using fingerprints, which will also affect the use. The pattern recognition has not reached the full age coverage even if the fingerprints on the hands of the children have been formed, but If your hands are covered with dirt when you go home, or your fingers are injured due to playfulness, it will also affect the effect of fingerprint recognition. And the mechanical key with the highest authority on the smart lock is also at the risk of losing it to the child, so you can Magnetic card unlocking with flexibly deleted permissions is a choice that can take into account efficiency and security. Smart locks with remote notification function can be more at ease. For parents who let their children go home after school, whether their children can get home safely is the most worrying family. Although every child can now be equipped with a 'child watch, There are also many smart locks that can be linked with other smart products at home, for example, you can turn on the camera Head, confirm that the child is safely home, and you can also call out remotely and give the child some instructions, which is more diverse in function implementation.
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