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Fire lock - where to buy Direct manufacturers, the use of 304 stainless steel

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-13
According to the relevant provisions of the relevant departments, hospitals, schools and other public venues shall install and maintain the normal use of products such as fire lock, when the accident happened, can be able to get more time to escape from researchers. Fire lock where to buy, a lot of friends want to know, because of different fire lock and ordinary door lock, with manufacturer of qualification is not much.     Fire lock where to buy?     1, take the goods from the manufacturer & emsp;   According to their own requirements for fire lock manufacturer, if manufacturer has better fire lock to close to his needs, directly by phone or other communication means demand, contact, so that you can buy need fire lock more intuitive. In addition, take from manufacturers of goods, if the quantity is more, the price also can talk, in addition, in the process of product use, if fail, find a factory can be directly to after-sales, because the product is their own production and manufacturing, has the corresponding technical personnel, to handle is very convenient.     2, take goods from the agent & emsp;   Take goods from the agent is also very common. Such as designated by party a to use a certain brand of fire lock, and manufacturers and sales permissions to offline agents, in this way, can only buy from the agent. Manufacturer and agent cooperation, through the agent pick up the goods, need not worry about product quality and after-sale services.     3, from the online purchase & emsp;   Fire lock can find all kinds of brand on the network, in addition to the very remote areas, in the domestic logistics and express so developed under the premise of basically can reach more than 90% of the region, buy fire lock is also very convenient. But fire lock brands is uneven, also has a high quality is low, in the choice to distinguish carefully. In addition to the quality, does it include freight, after-sales problem how to deal with, to ask about ahead of time.     Fire lock where to buy? Small make up recommend rich yu hardware, has 21 years of fire lock manufacturing experience, direct manufacturers, saving more cost in the middle. Fire lock lock body and handle more adopt high quality 304 stainless steel design, heavy in your hands, weight, lock choose oubiao pure brass lock core, accord with national standard. Customer service 24 hours online, welcome to consultation.
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