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Hardware locks open the door of future locks, smart locks are ready to go

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-17
Looking at the development of electronic intelligent lock stores in China in the past 10 years, the commercial application is particularly outstanding. According to the data, between 2005 and 2000, the number of smart locks was about 50 thousand to 90%, with 10% of the total number of high-end users and only of the mid-end users. When it comes to smart locks, the domestic public know or use it in some public places such as studios, campuses, hotel rooms, banks, etc. It is also difficult for people to combine this high-tech lock with the daily life of ordinary people. However, in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries, the application of electronic intelligent locks has been properly spread, especially in civilian shopping malls, the penetration rate is much higher than that in China. According to statistics, in Europe and the United States, electronic locks account for 50% of civilian locks, while in Japan and South Korea, smart locks account for more than 70% of civilian locks. Especially in South Korea, the usage rate of smart locks in apartments is as high as 90%. According to the famous Korean Smart Lock brand iRevo (Yi Bao) According to the official data, South Korea now has 1 million electronic lock stores, while retail (B2C) Shopping malls account for 80%, and their civilian shopping malls have been sophisticated, with 50% of users replacing new electronic locks on the basis of existing electronic locks. Now in China, electronic locks account for less than 2% of civilian locks. When people are now accustomed to swiping cards into the work area and are accustomed to keyboard electronic locks and even biometric locks in financial areas such as banks, we can be sure that the domestic electronic intelligent lock will not only continue to be carried out in the commercial field, but also have a broader vision in the civil field. After 2005, more projects in China have been put into use intelligent locks, and their usage has increased to about 100 thousand, with the share of mid-range users also increasing to 30%. Since 2007, the demand for domestic commercial smart locks has been further increased. A domestic brand has also begun to independently develop smart lock skills, and its application has doubled to 20 to 300 thousand, the use of domestic users will no longer only focus on high-end users, but the use of middle-end and low-end users will also increase significantly, accounting for 40% and 10% of the total. In recent years, relevant data have shown that after 2010, electronic smart locks have become professional shopping malls, and their usage has also increased rapidly to 40 to 500 thousand. At this moment, mid-range users have become the main consumption force, it accounts for 50% of the total, and a low-end application is beginning to take shape, accounting for 20%. With the continuous improvement of people's security awareness, the equipment of a key and a lock cannot meet people's needs. In terms of commercial use, office workers who make payments in major work areas are now accustomed to swiping cards in and out, and in addition to ensuring the company's financial security, some financial institutions or units with higher requirements on security regulations have continuously increased the demand for smart locks, from simple unlocking to current authorization'. Together, the General People also have a higher search for the safety and comfort of the home environment. The share of smart lock stores has a lot of room for improvement in civilian use, and will be carried out quickly. A variety of skills to improve security, the so-called electronic intelligent lock, is the electronic skills, integrated circuit design, a lot of electronic components, combined with a variety of innovative identification skills ( Including computer network skills, built-in software cards, network alarms, mechanical design of locks)And other products. Different from the traditional mechanical lock, it is a lock that is more intelligent in terms of user identification, safety and handling. At present, the more common electronic intelligent locks in China include code locks, card locks, fingerprint locks, etc. Keyboard electronic code lock is the most widely used electronic intelligent lock from the current skill level and the degree of recognition of shopping malls, and is widely used in banking and financial industry. The keyboard-type electronic lock is constantly innovating from the setting of the code to the input, and has developed a set of passwords'Skills and active change code' Skills two setting methods, together with keyboard disorder'And multiple code settings'The input method. In terms of increasing security requirements, this kind of intelligent lock not only occupies the mainstream position in the shopping mall, but also is often used as an auxiliary input method for other types of electronic anti-theft locks. Electronic anti-theft alarm lock is a common intelligent lock in commercial and civil use. Its biggest characteristic is that it has the function of active alarm and has the advantages and characteristics of inductive anti-theft lock and alarm. Once someone attempts to force the intrusion, the system will take the initiative to call the police and open the active locking function together. More high-end products also have the function of active dialing alarm. Biometric Anti-theft lock is the use of human biological characteristics (Such as hands, eyes, sounds, etc)Electronic anti-theft lock as key. This skill, which seems to have no intersection with daily life, is now widely used in the financial profession, and fingerprint locks are thought to be outstanding in civilian shopping malls. In the case of extremely high confidentiality requirements, the fingerprint lock will also combine other electronic information as a code. For example, through the four open functions of fingerprint, password, induction card and electronic key, the door is opened to effectively ensure safety and minimize the risk of skill theft. Another kind of application card' The electronic anti-theft lock as the key was the most active intelligent lock product in the working area at that time. This card-type electronic anti-theft lock can be divided into touch cards and non-touch cards. The biggest advantage of this kind of intelligent lock is that it stores a large amount of information and faces the needs of companies and enterprises for personnel handling. The card-type electronic lock can also input personal information and truly achieve the effect of identity verification, the authorization setting for different personnel is more convenient for enterprises. Different from the traditional key, after the card is lost, the system only needs to revoke the authorization, which is convenient and has no worries.
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