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Hold hand lock and night lock the difference, how to choose - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-13
Door lock is one of the important barrier indoor safety, also is the necessary hardware products in the home, the commonly used locks mainly have two night lock and hold hand lock. One night lock with key turns the lock can be open directly, and hand in addition to rotate the lock, lock also need to rotate handle to open, both in structure and are fundamentally different. So choose what kind of lock is more suitable? Fu yu hardware small make up collected some materials online the following points are summarized.     The difference between the hand lock and night lock: & emsp;   1, different structure & emsp;   Night lock is A lock, billiard, springs, the lock tongue, hardware accessories, depending on the lock core, night lock, can be divided into A, B, C three levels, from left to right and increasing ability; And hand lock parts are: door handle, lock, lock body, panels, hardware fittings, according to the different structures, a hand can be divided into an organic whole and fission lock lock lock two kinds.     2, use different & emsp;   Night lock on general security doors or steel door, belongs to the household door lock, and a hand lock is installed on the wooden door commonly, such as the bedroom door, kitchen door, study door, etc. , is a kind of interior door lock. Night lock more security ability, and emphasize adornment sex, more a hand lock common styles include: contemporary and contracted, Chinese style, European style, minimalist, etc.     Look small make up, for the friend that night lock or hand lock is it clear? First need to determine whether the need is security door or interior door lock, if it is a choice of the night lock anti-theft locks, anti-theft ability stronger, if the choice of the hand is indoor door lock lock design is rich, more beautiful.
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