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How much money the kitchen door lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-17
How much money the kitchen door, want to know the market now for the kitchen door lock is the price of the conformity and the cloud to the fog, not a accurate price. And many middlemen are disguised as a factory, the cover of manufacturers, wholesale price, selling price is very high, therefore, when choosing the kitchen door lock, must look for the real factory, so how to find the real manufacturer? What are the characteristics?     Small make up to here with all of you, how much money the kitchen door lock, the real manufacturer quantity is little, common market factory are middlemen, preferred the kitchen door lock manufacturers have their own factories, if doesn't even have the basic workshop, production equipment where then? Of course this also many to take a photo can show oneself is manufacturer, look to have the production license, enterprise information such as a registered trademark. Is the kitchen door lock with German import mute technology, life than their peers to extend at least 5 years, in a door lock, you can use for 10 years.     How much money the kitchen door lock, seek real manufacturers selling, can obtain the affordable price, rich yu hardware independent research and development production of kitchen door lock, 15 acres owned plants, three-story building, every lock passed strict testing procedures, unification ex-factory price, perfect, quality assurance two years.
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