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How to care for the maintenance of intelligent anti-theft lock using process?

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-04

How to care for the maintenance of intelligent anti-theft lock using process? The electronic lock trick on market is more and more, has formed a slick market trends. So when the choose and buy electronic lock, is bound to choose the convenient and practical. Lock insurance of a function is a fingerprint identification, identify must be selected when buy in secure electronic lock. Now many people buy a lock only see appearance, as a matter of fact, the lock core is important. A wide variety of lock, when the choose and buy, as far as possible the zaun, American thread lock core and fire lock core, Ann coefficient is higher. Family locks maintenance way: the lock body let's open the door may be shut, often will roll to it, it is less flexible overnight, as a result, we need to ensure that the rolling parts of the lock body has a smooth agent, so that it can reduce the friction of lock body itself, thus increasing the service life of electronic lock itself, and to make sure that the locks of Ann, we good often check if there's any loose for locking phenomenon. Family locks maintenance way: in addition to the above maintenance measures, we will often check the lock body and lock is gusset plate, the cooperation between the gap and cooperate with lock gusset plate of concave and convex and door lock tongue and the space between the frame and so on, if the cooperation, we need to make appropriate adjustment, otherwise easy must of danger, and also shorten the service life of locks. Electroplating process must be plated with artifacts in electrolyte appearance outstanding touch, workpiece is plating solution ability for wet conditions. Workpiece surface oil, rust, scale, such as dirt, prevent the electrolyte fully touch with metal matrix, and make it difficult to electrode reaction, and even can't happen because of isolation. If the dirt in addition to the impurities, such as part still remain with dot oil or oxide, will form a coating is not solid, porous, and discrete; Perhaps coating, easy to present small bubbles when heated, and even the 'skin'. Family locks maintenance way: in addition to the lock body we would often roll, we often touch the lock is a local, time is long, the key in the process of pull out plug will not smooth, so we need to lock also increase some items that can smooth the lock core is not, of course, can increase the smooth agent may be some oil substances, therefore, we good choose to add some graphite powder is the pencil lead powder, it can be a good smooth effect of lock.
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