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Lock company introduces the structure of lock cylinder

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-26
There are several small holes drilled on the circular lock core, and then the same number of small holes with the same caliber are drilled on the lock body position corresponding to the small hole in the lock core. Hainan master Huang lock company tells you that the small hole is used for loading bullets and springs. (the small holes in the lock body are used to hold bullets and springs, and the holes in the lock core are called bullets.). Usually, we call the small holes in the lock body and the lock core as bullet holes. Then, the function of the marbles is to block the lock center, so that the lock center can't rotate freely. Therefore, no matter how different the shape of the lock body and the mechanism inside the lock body are, but the main function for the unlocking principle is the lock core, the spring and the spring.
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