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Lock cylinder is the importance of anti-theft

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
There are A-class lock cylinders. Usually, the lock cylinders provided by developers for Kunshan unlocking telephones are A-Class. They are cheap and can be exchanged for tens of yuan. However, the anti-theft performance is poor. Those who sell unlocking tools on the Internet can be opened in a few seconds, which is also the least anti-theft lock cylinder. Developers also want to save costs Compared with Class A, class B lock cylinder has a higher level of anti-theft. It was the most anti-theft five years ago, but now it can be opened in five minutes. This kind of lock cylinder is more affordable than renting a house for a friend, more than 100 yuan, The super-B lock cylinder belongs to the middle and high level lock cylinder. Compared with last year, Kunshan unlock telephone can only be opened after 5-30 minutes of technical opening. Now many friends choose this lock cylinder. After all, the anti-theft performance of half an hour is almost the same. Which thief dares to open the lock on the door for half an hour unless he knows that his family is not there or that the C-level lock cylinder is the most anti-theft at present , the technology is temporarily unable to open, Kunshan unlocking phone is relatively high relative to the price, many of the people who live in their own homes have changed this kind of lock cylinder, which has high anti-theft performance and is not easy to break, mainly security and anti-theft, so they can go out at ease.
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