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Prospect of smart lock market in 2018: it is far from enough to win the market by products alone

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-08
Use the tuyere' It is not too much to describe the development of the smart lock industry in 2017. According to the 2017 White Paper on application and development of smart locks in China released by the IoT partner program Alliance, the global market smart lock industry will reach 11 million units in 2016 and 26 million units in 2018, it is estimated that the industrial scale of the global market will reach 51 million units in 2020. There is no doubt that the smart lock industry is on fire, and it has become a mess. More than 1300 enterprises and more than 2700 brands are competing for this market with a penetration rate of less than 5%. Re-examine yourself, are you standing in the air' From the perspective of products, the industry has entered aesthetic fatigue, which is the sequelae of excessive fanaticism in the 2017 s. The topic around products only focuses on breakthroughs in function and design, fingerprint, password, swipe card, key plus face, iris, optical upgrade to semiconductor recognition, 0. 5 seconds to 0. The 3-second recognition experience has improved. It seems that you have a family with me and can't become the core competitiveness of anyone. It's nothing more than the difference between using it early and using it late. The breakthroughs in design and technology of various manufacturers make the texture and use experience of the products more and more excellent, and with this color value, the recognition rate of the market can only be improved in a short time, to stabilize the market, we must first stabilize our products. A good product is only the first step, not the decisive step. From the sales channel, the smart lock belongs to the hardware industry. The early market is bound to exert its power in the traditional hardware channel. According to the current situation of the industry, the main sales force is still on the online platform. Combined with products such as smart locks, with the upgrading of consumption and the development of the Internet, it is the best trend to form a brand offline physical examination store and a complementary online and offline model with manufacturers. Use the new retail sharing economy to solve the transformation of traditional channel resources, to achieve standardization, specialization, and close service to consumers. In-depth cooperation with agents and distributors, omni-channel sales is the only choice for the industry. In terms of installation and after-sales service, it is either self-operated or outsourced. If you want to have a place in the market competition, self-operated is the way out, many uncontrollable factors in outsourcing management will directly affect consumer loyalty. After the opening of the territory, many brand manufacturers have already established their own installation after-sales service system, and directly cultivate the sales channels into a local sales service partner. Such tightness can make the brand firmly rooted in the regional market. Such services can also escort the marketing and service of the brand. If you want to choose outsourcing, it is not impossible. It is necessary to evaluate whether you can choose cooperation from the aspects of response speed, time, and urgency of handling problems. As far as APP networking application is concerned, APP application has given wings to the smart lock industry. We will not elaborate on the endless communication methods. Scalability limits a single smart lock manufacturer, only user management and password authorization is already the basic configuration of a networked smart lock, and the linkage with smart home, even in business intelligence, apartment management and other applications is becoming more and more intense, with the opening of the leasing market and the policy of renting and selling the property market, the emergence of solutions will drive a new round of smart lock sales. Although the C- end market will be the main force in the future, the cooperation in the B- end market will be more likely to form a scale effect, which will also become a must for many smart homes. In terms of sales price, the main force of consumption is still 1000- Between 2000 yuan, as for the online sales of 599 yuan locks, how to say after sales? I only hope that the seller is next door to you, or else I am afraid that I am guilty. The threshold of the smart lock industry is a little lower, but to make a lock, it is not necessary to invest. As the acceptance of the market increases step by step, customers will also face more and more choices. Speculators who are forced to cut prices and enter the industry with excessive profits may eventually be eliminated by the industry. Conclusion 2018 has arrived. In today's homogenization of products, not under the conditions of weather, geography, and people, sticking to the traditional thinking of sales channels will only be smaller and smaller. How to stand with agents and dealers, to be consistent with the outside world, to do a good job in brand promotion and marketing, to create standard and professional services, to solve the worries of consumers, and to lay a good reputation for quality and excellent price, it is the direction we are pursuing.
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