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Relevant knowledge of emergency unlocking cost

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-26
Generally, the home security door lock will choose to unlock the lock in a certain number of years, which can replace the lock with a higher level of security, but before unlocking, a small part of everyone should have a specific knowledge about the lock, and the relevant knowledge about the emergency unlocking cost unlocking and changing the lock, so that they won't be cheated when changing the lock. Generally speaking, the key to unlock is the main thing to change the lock. The core of changing the key is to buy a new lock cylinder on the right. There are some ideas that the more important locks and keys are, the better, but it's not. There are several precautions to buy the lock cylinder: the surface of the core must be smooth, with superior texture and light sense; in terms of the quantity of marble, the single row is A-class lock, which is about to be eliminated, so the general right to buy double row marble; it is also the key shape to see, which is safer to protect with the high and low tooth double row snake shape. Anti theft door is the price of lock cylinder, so called cheap goods have no good reason. The core of low price is not understanding, not buying, not safe. Or an old saying. The price of different brands of lock cylinder is different. When buying, choose your own and affordable lock cylinder. When unlocking the lock, the price of the lock is generally around 280 yuan, and the price fluctuates, but not too much. Then the problem to be considered is that the anti-theft door replaces the core of the labor cost. If they buy a lock cylinder, if they don't change it, don't try, it's easy to screw up. So we must ask the professional lock replacement personnel to change it. So in order to have protection, we usually ask the master to change the core price of the anti-theft door lock at tens of yuan, which is the price that people can bear. A little money can save a lot of trouble and peace of mind. There is a more rigorous friend who is changing the lock cylinder. He is not willing to let the workers change, but also considers the existence of unsafe factors. This is also a solution. You can learn how to change the lock cylinder, and then practice your own operation, which is also necessary. According to the old lock cylinder, buy back the matching new lock cylinder, remove the old lock plate, then remove the core cover, take out the lock cylinder, and install the new lock cylinder. For emergency unlocking expenses, we need to know more about unlocking and changing locks. Before changing locks, we can know that these changes will be very helpful to our locking process. In addition, after unlocking, we need to regularly maintain the anti-theft door, which is to ensure that the lock can use a longer and smoother method.
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