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Rental market hot smart door lock next incremental market

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-22
A few days ago, the News of the price increase in Beijing's rent attracted public attention. Public opinion pointed to the capital market for long-term rental apartments, and long-term rental companies such as freedom and eggshells launched a war to grab houses', Boosted the above-mentioned city rent boom. Under the realistic background of insufficient urban land resources and high house prices, rental and purchase rights are the same'It will open the era of market-oriented housing leasing in the future. The huge floating population not only promotes the rental housing craze, but also makes the safety supervision of rental housing the top priority of urban governance. The pain point of safety supervision under the tide of housing leasing, under the unstoppable tide of leasing, the supervision of the rental market has been repeatedly put on the agenda. Although relevant departments have continuously issued various policies and regulations to strengthen the supervision of the housing rental market in order to maintain the safety of the rental market, in fact, housing rental still faces two major regulatory problems for a long time. The lack of management of mobile personnel the composition of rental housing tenants for private leasing is already messy, and the mixed mix of good and evil people has brought many uncertain factors and potential safety hazards to community housing or long-term rental apartments. In addition, most owners are unwilling to take the initiative to register with the local police station when pushing or withdrawing their houses from the rental market. Moreover, the on-site visits, information registration and coordination of traditional personnel management require a lot of manpower. The safety management of houses is not perfect, and the relevant security facilities of long-term apartments are often not as standard as ordinary houses, which is prone to theft cases. Traditional public security maintenance relies on community security and video surveillance, but many blind areas are often caused by insufficient equipment coverage and insufficient personnel linkage. From the perspective of appeal, the security of rental housing is divided into government and individual (Tenant) The government has placed more emphasis on controllable, manageable, and supervised' , While tenants place more emphasis on the safety of individuals and their own property. Government: establish controllable, manageable and supervised' The management platform has been promoted by the concept of building a safe city. Many parts of the country have begun to use Internet thinking to build smart communities and actively use modern technology to intelligently supervise rental housing to solve the above problems. Video access control alarm system for rental housing proposed by Shenzhen' , The system integrates intelligent access control management, personnel information management, video linkage, alarm and linkage, event correlation functions, electronic maps, authorization transfer, batch management, key personnel attention and track analysis functions, etc. multiple functions, it can realize efficient management of the floating population in rental housing. Tenant: personalized intelligent solution, there is no doubt that in the era of artificial intelligence, intelligent security will help social supervision and realize civil air defense and technical defense'Double protection. At present, there are many intelligent security systems specially designed for communities and indoors in the market (Product) And can provide personalized solutions for users. For example, intelligent locks for entrance guard: at present, all intelligent locks on the market have the characteristics of using human biological characteristics to carry out identity security identification and authentication to open the door, which are irreplaceable, cannot be copied and unique, the main technologies involved include organic and electrical integration technology, biometric technology, cloud storage technology, etc. , basically covering the latest technologies in electronics, communications and mechanical design and manufacturing industries. The trillion-dollar housing rental market and another incremental security market have favorable rental policies around the country. In early May 2016, the premier of the State Council presided over an executive meeting and explicitly proposed to vigorously develop the housing rental market'. Beijing issued the Notice on accelerating the development and standardizing the management of the housing rental market in this city, aiming at developing the housing rental market and promoting both purchase and rent. Since November 14, 2017, Shenzhen housing provident fund management center has raised the amount of housing provident fund rental and other housing consumption. Technology promotes the rise of the door lock market, the era of artificial intelligence enables ordinary people to enjoy the dividends brought by technology at polar costs, and the popularization of fingerprint recognition and face recognition technologies, users are more inclined to buy smart door locks when installing door locks, and apartment hotels also use smart door locks for convenient management due to the rapid mobility of the population. Summary, the market report of China's rental market shows that there are 2. Of the total rental market in China. RMB 5 trillion. Beijing has an average of 9. 10 thousand people are looking for a whole rental, there are 3. 70 thousand people are looking for a shared rental. Under the trillion rental market, smart door locks are undoubtedly a hot topic, and more smart door lock manufacturers will be attracted to participate in the food distribution in the future.
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