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The credit of the smart door lock has been overdrawn?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
The arrival of the era of smart home has brought unlimited business opportunities to Chinese enterprises, especially anti-theft smart lock enterprises. Over the past year, many brands have emerged and market products have become more abundant. However, the sales volume of the market did not increase as expected, and the enthusiasm of Consumers for Smart locks did not happen. On the contrary, more and more enterprises are dying of light. Yesterday, enterprises that broke the crowdfunding record on the crowdfunding platform fell down at once. Some just said that round B had invested 0. 1 billion yuan, it was closed in a few months. The survival and change of enterprises are too fast for many investors to understand. Who makes this promising sunrise market more fragile than the market for traditional products? Who ruined the tomorrow of this industry? If you look back at the road you have traveled in the past year, you will soon find that people's trust in smart locks is getting lower and lower. In other words, everyone is disappointed with the smart lock. It is not difficult for us to find that the market has prematurely consumed the credit of the smart lock industry. 1. Intelligent security concerns can not be solved. Many intelligent door lock enterprises have done more in terms of intelligence, but not much in terms of security, there are obvious security vulnerabilities that have not been noticed. Today's intelligent security has directly restricted the healthy development of this industry. If there is a safety problem in one hundred enterprises, the whole industry will be affected. In the same case, the entire brand chain will have an accident. It is understood that the smart lock products that claim to be the top ten brands in the market at present are very insufficient in terms of safety design of mechanical structure or development investment in encryption and decryption of electronic information and authentication technology, if this problem is not corrected in time, China's smart lock industry will once again become a backward industry with low price, low quality and no trust. 2. There are many functions, but the stability is also lacking. What the intelligent lock lacks at present is not function, but stability. There are many functions of intelligent brands in the market, and there are many patterns of unlocking. There are all kinds of unlocking methods, such as Iris, facial mask, fingerprint, secret and induction unlocking. . . . . . What do you want, although the way to unlock in the future can be as powerful as you like, there is a major premise that stability must be done well, although the stability of electronic products is difficult to grasp, but stability does affect the long-term development of the brand. At present, there is no lack of powerful products in the market, but products with good stability. However, it takes more cost and time to stabilize the product than to do more functions. Often, enterprises only pay attention to fancy functional modules and ignore the stability of functions. 3. Transition and false marketing have hurt the market, and transition sales will destroy the smart lock industry. Emphasizing marketing and neglecting user experience is a serious problem for the current smart door lock brand. A brand that ignores user experience is difficult to be recognized by users. At present, the biggest problem in the smart lock industry is that it would rather spend a lot of money on the false ranking of the top ten brands than on the user experience. False crowdfunding, false functions, false prices and false advertisements are all rapidly consuming the credit of smart locks. Everyone has the same feeling: searching for the top ten smart lock brands on the Internet, the ranking results are countless, can not remember, one is better than a cow, in fact, there are few good brands that users are satisfied. This is a worrying unhealthy market. 4. The first batch of users have become experimental products, and the products that are still in the experimental stage have started to raise funds and start selling, and batches of users have become experimental products. Every day there are new crowdfunding products, but the products after crowdfunding have left the market with complaints and antipathy from users, and the integrity of the brand has been greatly questioned. Intelligent and versatile propaganda is more terrible, everything can be docked, what functions are available, and what can be done behind the propaganda is not easy to use. The sense of experience makes the user's trust in the industry disappear. Of course, the whole industry pays the bill.
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