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Bedroom door by fission or a body good. . . Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-17
Bedroom door by fission or a body good, believe that a lot of friends have such doubt in the heart, feel friends fission lock is good-looking, but worry about security than one locked; And friends feel the choice for wooden door, if installation is fission lock at first, then later will not replaced, because involves to punch, can give a wooden door caused great damage. So the bedroom door with fission or a body? Fu yu hardware small make up today will give you visually compare the differences of these two kinds of lock.     Bedroom door with fission is one of the good: & emsp;   1, appearance & emsp;   Fission lock with one lock is the biggest difference is that in appearance, the eye can see directly, fission lock and one lock is called a hand lock, also known as the handle lock. If separate handles and panel is fission lock, vice is one lock.     2, installation & emsp;   Compare one lock, fission lock installation is more complex, fission lock need fixed handle and panel respectively, to install the master has certain technical requirements, if opening is not suitable, it is easy to appear to open closed collisions, or not beautiful. There is no such difficulties, and one lock installation panel lock hole position opening, installation.     3, type & emsp;   From the current market one lock type more, can be more selective, as there is a lock on the market of time longer than fission lock, fission lock is manufacturer for market changes in recent years, developed a new style, very sought after by the market.     4, security & emsp;   For the bedroom room door lock, fission lock and one lock on the security of it, and for indoor door, security is not very important measure, is more focused on whether beautiful, whether home decorate a style to match. If recommended from the aspects, rich yu hardware small make up recommend fission lock, because of the appearance is one of the core strengths of fission lock, modelling concise, beautiful, generous.     Bedroom door by fission or a body good, has introduced above is very clear, we can according to their own needs, preferences to select. If you don't understand, click on the right side of the online customer service, customer service will recommend suitable models for you.
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