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Fuyu Smart Lock Shanghai International Lock Security Exhibition ended successfully-media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-22
From October 10th to 12th, the 2018 China International Lock u0026 Security Door Industry Exhibition was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition attracted hundreds of leading companies in the lock and security industry to participate. The major exhibitors made every effort to show up new technologies, new products, and new models, attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign lock industry practitioners. 30 years of focus on precision manufacturing of hardware door locks-Fuyu smart locks at the exhibition that just ended, Fuyu, Kaidis, Huitailong, Asia Pacific Tianneng, Mingmen, Yajie, Sanhuan, VOC, Oleston , GM, Sakura, 360, Younger, Lucky, Neutral, Liufu, Puxin, Merit, Melibao·Jus Security and other well-known brands all came to the scene, and the major smart brand entrepreneurs in China took out The smart products with the latest technology of their own are dazzled and unfinished. On the day of the exhibition, Fuyu brought HM01 Skyeye smart lock, zxwm002 fingerprint lock, zxwm003 smart lock, zxwm003 hotel smart lock and other smart door lock series star products to the exhibition, which were well received by the industry. As a door lock manufacturing brand for 30 years, Fuyu has been insisting on the integration of independent research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and after-sales for many years. Let science and technology shine and speak for domestic products Fuyu smart lock series attracted many visitors, merchants and colleagues as well as customers from home and abroad to come to consult and negotiate. The large number of people gathered in front of the Fuyu booth was particularly eye-catching among the many booths. At the same time, the popularity and uniqueness of Fuyu smart locks also attracted the attention of many media. At the exhibition site, Zhang Zhaohui, general manager of Fuyu smart locks, accepted an interview with CCTV Old Story Channel. During the interview, Mr. Zhang emphatically introduced Fuyu's company advantages and product advantages, as well as a series of plans for Fuyu's future direction and smart home layout. It also pointed out that the current penetration rate of the smart door lock consumer market is relatively low, the market has more room for improvement, and under the trend of consumption upgrade, the smart door lock industry is full of opportunities. This not only gave everyone a new understanding of Fuyu smart locks, but also a deeper understanding of the smart door lock market. Mastering the core 'core' and professionally making locks for 30 years, Fuyu, as a professional lock maker for 30 years, has also done a lot of research on smart locks. Fuyu has accumulated many years of experience and modern technology, 30 years of accumulation, accumulated expertise, and developed intelligence The lock series not only has a unique appearance, but also has a lot of black technology. In the application of smart technology, Fuyu and foreign fingerprint manufacturers deeply customize the fingerprint module, using FPC semiconductor live fingerprint sensor, fingerprint unlocking only takes 0.5 seconds, and only recognizes real fingerprints, refuses to fake, fingerprint recognition can meet the needs of the elderly and children, Fuyu The smart lock adds a fingerprint self-learning module, and the longer the use time, the higher the recognition efficiency. In terms of design, unlike most fingerprint locks on the market, Fuyu Smart Lock creatively integrates the semiconductor fingerprint sensor on the door handle, simplifying the original three-step unlocking method into one step, when the parent’s hand holds the door handle At the same time, the thumb lightly touches the fingerprint sensing area at the same time, and the unlocking process can be completed in an instant, just as convenient as the fingerprint unlocking of a mobile phone. In terms of family interaction, Fuyu Smart Lock has a built-in camera. Parents or family members will automatically take pictures when unlocking and upload them to the WeChat applet. You can check the time and photos of your parents and each family member’s entrance through your mobile phone, and keep abreast of your parents’ physical condition And information about getting home safely. In addition, Fuyu Smart Lock has made great efforts in security. Fuyu smart locks all use the highest level of security in the industry C-level real mortise lock cylinder, anti-technical unlocking time of up to 270 minutes, making criminals 'want to lock and sigh.' Moreover, in case the door lock is picked, the door lock slide cover is opened, the password is entered incorrectly for 5 consecutive times, etc., the Fuyu smart lock will immediately send out a high-pitched alarm on site, and remind the user of the door lock abnormality through the mobile phone, so as to deal with it in time . Fuyu smart door lock also has an anti-stay capture function. As long as the thief is in front of your house for more than 30 seconds, the door lock will automatically take a photo and upload it to the mobile phone to remind you of hidden safety hazards at home. It also has a high level of security such as anti-cat eye unlocking and intimidation of fingerprints. measure. Persist in the original intention and perseverance. At the Shanghai International Lock Security Exhibition, Fuyu has not only achieved good results, but also received unanimous recognition from inside and outside the industry. With the best materials and the best technology, the current position and height of the Fuyu brand has been achieved. But today's achievements are only a new beginning. In the future, Fuyu will continue to forge ahead with the spirit of resilience and will continue to forge ahead with better products and services to give back to consumers, so that new domestic products will become a well-respected brand in the world.
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