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How many ways are there to repair the electronic door lock problems?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-14
Electronic door lock is refers to the use of programmable memory and data reading device, the key is difficult to replicate. Electronic door lock also can appear some problems, often for electronic door lock problems, how do we need to repair it? Electronic door lock problems repair method is as follows: 1, when the legitimate card to open the door alarm when the green light is shining, and there will be a 'di' of eight short sound, cannot unlock the door, when the solution is to replace batteries; 2, system identification errors when the red light, there will be a 'di' 4 short sound, can't open the door, because the system identification errors, change system card; 3, mechanical locks the yellow lights would appear, this time can't open the door, intelligent through emergency card to open the door, 4, the temporary termination occurs yellow lights, there are 'di' 3 short sound, will lose the card cancel the termination can be; 5, electronic locks the yellow light, there will be a 'di' sound 2 short, unable to open the door, lock locks the room card to cancel can open the door. Electronic door lock in the last of these problems, we can according to the above method to repair maintenance.
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