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How much money a - hand wooden door lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-11-30
Spending either online or offline shopping, the price is always the consumer concerned topic, wooden hand lock as the commonly used locks in the home, wooden door lock hold hand how much money a pair of, is all care about the price of online search a lot, from dozens to hundreds of pieces of basically all have, and even some wooden door of hand lock on the appearance of it is no difference, but the price is far, this is because the use of materials and production process, as well as the factory price is different, so the price also is different. Fu yu hardware small make up today to cost-effective wood door of hand lock and you talk about probably how many money.     A cost-effective hand wooden door lock need these elements: made of pure copper lock, lock body guide plate choose stainless steel, and thick ( The tongue and inclined tongue choose solid, hollow lock tongue is easy to fall off) 。 Lock handle and panel using circlip fixed ( Loose screws handles easily) 。 According to the configuration of wood door of hand SuoZhengChang can use 10 years or so, life is long, the price is in 120 - Around 150, cost-effective. If it is need more, the number of manufacturers to find direct purchase, the price will be lower, the quality guaranteed.     Wooden door lock hold hand how much money a pair of, believe small make up to introduce already very clear, needing those who remind everybody is here, wooden door of hand lock as important guarantee of indoor security, remember that covet petty gain when the choice, a price a points goods. Choose the brand locks, safeguard their own rights and interests. Fu yu hardware, 21 years brand locks manufacturer, specially designed for high-grade wooden door.
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