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Need to keep up with the standard about the intelligent lock industry

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-04

Smart door lock is closely related to our life, is the guarantee of our social security hardware products. Along with the vigorous development of the hardware market, market trend also then going up the locks. But at present, the lack of the relevant specification system with imperfect cause hardware locks industry market chaos. Smart door lock market overall capacity has reached seventy billion. Zhejiang, guangdong, Shanghai and shandong is a major centre locks manufacturers. With the opening up of the market and accelerating process of our industry and the world the locks, highland high-end products will be the international competition of market, set security, beautiful and practical and decorative lock products will be the mainstream of the future. Fuyu as one of the more than 20 years old hardware enterprises, more and real estate giant - — Evergrande real estate group to reach a long-term strategic partnership, and successively in Beijing diaoyutai courtyard villa, Shanghai greentown, Beijing r&f seven mansion, pangu grand view, mountain hydrology garden, and many other high-grade villas, top club, hardcover housing offer copper household products, so that the Fuyu become one of the most attractive and influential high-end brand, the company in 2013 began to layout of intelligent plate, with science and technology of the listed company strategic cooperation, joint development and independence have smart door lock technology, research and development to lay a solid foundation for the construction of intelligent door locks. Fuyu smart door lock has been officially launched in May 2018, including health smart locks accept consumer favour. The development of Fuyu, with continuous innovation, beyond the self, the pursuit of perfect design and manufacturing concept, will carry on throughout the quality consciousness, consummate technology and continuous innovation, will create the legend of high-end household hardware.
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