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Netcom elaborately builds 'smart home digital community' platform

by:FUYU     2019-12-22
Henan Netcom is committed to the construction of a safe society. It controls the TV, mobile phone, telephone, refrigerator, air conditioner, door lock and even curtains in the family through a home network terminal, this kind of scene that could only be seen in movies before is approaching the possibility. Recently, sponsored by Henan Netcom, Cisco Systems (China) Henan Netcom's 'smart home digital community' high-end seminar co-sponsored by Network Technology Co. , Ltd. and Henan century Dahua Technology Co. , Ltd. was held in Zhengzhou. It is reported that the comprehensive solution of 'smart home digital community' is Henan Netcom's joint network equipment supplier, content service provider, system integrator, terminal equipment manufacturer and professional application developer, A package of personalized overall information solutions from software to hardware, from planning, maintenance to training for smart home and digital community construction. For family customers, Henan Netcom smart home is a family information platform integrating family control network and multimedia information network. Through family networking, various devices in the family are connected, form an overall terminal that can meet various needs of family customers. For the construction of digital community, Henan Netcom has integrated various advantageous resources and realized telephone, data, video monitoring and smart home services through a flexible and high-bandwidth Digital Community service platform. In recent years, Henan Netcom has been actively committed to the construction of a safe society, using its own technology and network advantages to launch the 'Ping An 1 +' business. The business
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