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Tiancheng smart releases new door lock products to make user homes safer

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
The door lock is the first safety guarantee of the family and is the equipment used every day in the family. In 2016, intelligent door locks rose suddenly and became a new force in the door lock industry. At present, there are various kinds of intelligent door locks on the market, including immature technology, serious homogenization, poor quality, uneven standards and other problems. Many sales manufacturers are just OEM production, without their own research and development capabilities and patents. Tiancheng has been focusing on the research and development and production of intelligent products for 30 years. In the past ten years, Tiancheng has been focusing on the research and development and production of intelligent door locks and intelligent home equipment, and has many copyrights and patented products. Recently, Tiancheng smart home company has launched a new product of smart cloud lock, aiming to provide users with a safer and smarter home. It is understood that Tiancheng intelligent cloud lock HW700/HW600 adopts the company's three core patented technologies: 1. Electronic anti-theft lock cylinder: exceeding the national C- level standard, any key or other object inserted into the lock cylinder will lock itself and sound an alarm on the spot. Under normal circumstances, the thief cannot open the lock violently ,; 2. Working electromagnetic components: At temperature- 60 ° C ~ Between 70 ° C, can be used normally, the degree of low temperature resistance far exceeds the national standard; 3. Integrated clutch assembly: the clutch is modular, which increases the compatibility of the lock body, has the function of reverse lifting, and the door lock is safer; It is worth mentioning that the combination of Tiancheng smart family APP and Tiancheng smart door lock makes door lock products get rid of the traditional door opening method and users enjoy the convenience of science and technology: for example, check access records, remote authorization temporary unlocking, door lock power check, alarm records and other functions to help users master the Family Safety status. Door lock status: including door lock power display, door opening record, alarm record, etc. The opening record contains the opening time, opening information, etc. , so that you can view the opening information at all times. Alarm records include notification bars and information prompts such as low battery alarm and anti-skid alarm to help you monitor family safety trends in real time. Remote Door opening: The remote door opening function can only trigger the request at the door lock end, and only the administrator can open the door to ensure the safety of the door lock. After the visitor visits, the visitor initiates a request to open the door. After confirmation, the administrator can decide whether to open the door. On the one hand, it avoids the inconvenience of the physical key transfer, and on the other hand, it avoids the repeated modification of the home password. User list: the user list displays the entered door opening key information. The administrator can associate the virtual door opening information with the user, making it easier to manage the door opening information. In addition, Tiancheng intelligent cloud lock adopts hard encryption and soft encryption to ensure the security of the family and prevent hackers from attacking the door lock. Tiancheng intelligent cloud lock has obtained a number of security certification copyrights and patent certificates. In general, no matter which corner of the world you are in, Tiancheng smart door lock will always protect your home. Tiancheng smart family company will be in April 25, 2018- On the 27th, Suzhou International Internet of Things and smart home Expo showed more NB- IOT smart door locks refer to intravenous smart door locks, WIFI smart door locks and many other products of Tiancheng smart family.
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