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Deschman fingerprint lock high-profile debut 'yongkangmen Expo'

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-14
2011-06- 12 Source: Hyundai lock network Browse: 496 comment: 0 Core tip: On May 26, deschman fingerprint lock made by German technology made a high-profile appearance in 'The second China (Yongkang)Door Fair '. According to the person in charge of deschman, deschman fingerprint lock is a comprehensive product integrating machinery, electronics, software, biometric and other aspects, representing the highest level of the lock industry. Deschman adheres to the spirit of rigor, innovation and pursuit of the limit of the German parent company, and focuses on the humanized process design of the product appearance. The deschman fingerprint lock exhibited this time is a localized innovation that integrates China's national conditions. It is reported that deschman has launched a number of high-tech products for this exhibition. These products have attracted the attention of the majority of dealers, who expressed their interest in fingerprint locks with higher grades and higher profits.
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