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From camera to door lock, home security has become the highlight of CES

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-06
At this year's CES exhibition, smart home security equipment can be seen everywhere, whether it is a camera, door lock or doorbell. There is a reason for the proliferation of such products: home security equipment will create a market worth 47 billion US dollars in 2020. In the past, a solid quality door lock or the services of security companies such as ADT/Blinks were enough to protect our home, but now, the popularity of smart home networks and the emergence of a large number of cheap and easy-to-use products allow us to protect our homes by ourselves. The integration of intelligent voice assistant and smart home products also makes it easier to lock the door and view the security camera video. At this CES exhibition, major manufacturers have all introduced their own new products, such as Brinks Array smart door lock, RCA smart doorbell, Ring smart security light and security camera, and Canary's indoor camera. At the same time, we also saw a large number of new products from start-up companies. Somfy's security camera will be available at the end of the year. It is also an important part of its smart home ecosystem. At least two other companies have launched security-related applications, including Vivint. Chris Carney, president and co-founder of Abode Systems, believes that the emergence of a large number of products reflects the growing demand of users. Consumer mentality has been from'Can I do it myself? 'Changed'Why don't I do it myself? ',' Carney said that as more solutions emerge and consumers adopt related technologies more frequently, more and more people find DIY home security systems not as difficult as they expected. ' Nowadays, smart cameras, motion sensors, doorbells, and even alarms can not only work in anzheng's home security system ( Such as Abode Iota or Nest Protect) Consumers can also choose products according to their preferences and let them run independently by connecting intelligent control centers or IFTTT. DIY enthusiasts usually monitor their homes through applications, which also makes DIY home security simple and interesting. Keeping connected anytime and anywhere is a new ability, and it also allows people to control what is most important to them ,' Scott Harkins, vice president and general manager of Honeywell furniture, said that in the next 5- In 10 years, we expect home connectivity to continue to grow. The data analysis capabilities of related products will be further expanded, such as knowing when your child will arrive home, playing your favorite music at dinner, or adjusting the temperature of the room according to whether the window is open. ' When more people realize that they can build a home security system by themselves and the cost is much lower than that of old-fashioned hardware security companies, the development speed of the whole industry will be further accelerated. Carney pointed out that intelligent security technology is still very young and there is still much room for growth. We expect this trend to continue to develop because the interoperability between different equipment and manufacturers is still in its infancy and is maturing ,' He said that with the development and improvement of interoperability, the life cycle of DIY home security will continue. Due to the continuous development of in-depth learning and artificial intelligence, in the next few years, I expect the long-term subscription business model to disappear and be replaced by the model surrounding product use. '
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