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Hold hand lock installation tutorials, a see understand, diy installation - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-23
Friends all know that small make up in the hold hand lock industry, the lock is broken to find my home, home in lock me, anyway, as long as the hand lock related thought of small make up for a friend online from two days ago bought a new hand lock, the old change myself want to home, contact small make up, asking how a hand lock installation, any fool type of hand lock installation tutorials, a see understand that well. Will come here with all of you to introduce a hand lock installation tutorial contains what, is very simple, after watching, diy installation.     Hold hand lock installation tutorial: & emsp;   Tools: screwdriver, a new hand lock & emsp;   Steps: & emsp;   1, according to the directions of direction adjustment handle, fixed screw down with a screwdriver handle, pull down, put his hand between the panel and Angle can be adjusted, the adjustment is completed, will remove the screws fixation, adjust the direction of this handle.     2, will open a good lock lock tongue into the groove, a fixed fluctuation two screws, the lock tongue is fixed to complete, if it is fixed with rivet, screw after the installation is complete, with a gun.     3, fixed panel, casing twisting on the first, on the lock, lock casing in hole inside, fixed screw, and then the other half of the handle is fixed.     4, after the installation is complete, in open state, handle, whether locked sensitive, if all accessible, then a hand lock installation is completed.
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