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Not smart era of life, how can you less a smart lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-19
Have a belong to oneself of house, is the dream of every Chinese people deeply rooted and ideas, due to a suite represents a home. And about 'home', the Chinese cognitive is profound, at the same time to deal with the home's value is not match. Because, the home is life harbour forever, regardless of the beautiful, as the storm can ashore harbor. Is that Chinese before yan migration bridal chamber, decorate beautification, it well after decorating to purchase all kinds of household electrical appliances, furniture, hutch defends, etc. , all ready after the family moves into a new home. Conditional, we often do a yan migration of banquets, please friends and family to celebrate. Many people think, go to this step also the comfortable tones. But so much is that everything? Have you ever wondered devoted to home and family and door lock, is it really safe? There is no peace of lock, which come home safely? There is no peace home, to a happy life? Many users might ask: 'isn't form a complete set of developers lock locks? 'Yes, it is indeed a lock, the lock with lock there just the same. Most of the developers in order to save costs, form A complete set of locks most is A grade machine lock, its safe sex has lagged far behind in the thief's unlock skills; At the same time, when decorating, the AB keys left a hidden danger to lock the safe. Is, we recommend you yan migration in bridal chamber at the same time, the best exchange a safe and convenient intelligent lock. Why is intelligent lock, not safe sex higher class B or C grade machine lock? First of all, this is a not smart s of life. With smart phone, you will in effect machine? A smart TV, will you still in using traditional TV? We believe that most people's answer must be: 'there is a better instrument, who could then use those behind during the instrument. During 'is, intelligent switch lock is the needs of the development and trend; Second, not defend the thief then simple safe and sound. Guarding is the first duty of locks to is a safe level higher machine lock will be enough. Because the thief but some peace not, such as the recent climb window home due to forget to bring my keys fell to his death, has for people's personal safe is a wake-up call. And intelligent lock is a don't need to carry the key lock, more won't be forgotten and lost the key, of course, also won't appear due to forget to take the key to climb window fall events. As a product of science and technology, intelligent lock in large as machine lock anti-theft performance, in addition to having and machine lock strange peace grade C lock, intelligent lock and pry proof, prevent the active anti-theft effect, such as skills open alarm is smart lock the safe. Again, a good smart lock is the family's concern. Parents in old age, and not always by their side, as is always worried that they can go out every day had come home; When you were not at home, the child is like 'wild, it's hard to know of his whereabouts, more do not know whether he can go home on time. Then deal with a monumental, feeling a family, how to solve such problem? Such difficult task, of course, can only do smart lock. Intelligent lock not only can bind parents, children's mobile phone, at a time they go out, go home, intelligent locks can take the initiative to feel and to send information to your cell phone; Otherwise active learning effect, and some intelligent lock when parents and children for a long time not to go home, it would send a message to remind you. Is said, a good smart lock is the best care for his family.
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