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The homeowner was stolen 6 times without knowing it! What you lack is a Fuyu smart lock

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-28
Is it because the thief is too clever in committing the crime? Recently, a thief was arrested in a villa community in Suzhou. According to the thief's confession, he had been stealing in this community for nearly a year. The owner of a household had been stolen 6 times without knowing it. It was not until the police came to verify the case that it suddenly became clear that a thief had actually entered the house. From this case, we can see that many families’ security awareness is really too poor. It’s not how clever the thieves are in committing crimes, but that the owners have given the thieves too many opportunities to commit crimes. Otherwise, the thief would not have committed the crime for nearly a year before being caught by the police. Nowadays, the usual methods used by thieves for burglary are to unlock the lock and enter the owner's home through the window. The crime does not leave too many traces. In fact, we only need to master some anti-theft techniques to effectively prevent the thief from coming to your home to commit crimes. 1. Close the doors and windows at your fingertips to prevent thieves from entering through the windows. Don't open the doors and windows quickly, especially if single women are at home alone. Remember to close the doors and windows of your home when you travel. 2. Remember to lock the door when you go out. Many anti-theft door locks have no automatic locking function, so check whether the door lock is locked when you go out, especially when you sleep at night, remember to lock the door. 3. Don’t store a lot of cash and precious jewelry at home. Now that mobile payment is so developed, you can pay with a mobile phone wherever you go, so there is no need to store a lot of cash at home. Even if you have cash, keep it in a secret place. Inside the safe, especially valuable jewelry must be kept well. 4. Pay attention to the thief opening the lock through the peephole. Now many home security doors have peepholes reserved, leaving hidden dangers to the safety of the home. The thief can use the manipulator to open the lock through the cat's eye. 5. To report to the police in time, not to be aggressive. If you encounter a thief burglary, you must protect your own life safety as the most important thing, and pay attention to keep the scene and report to the police in time. In addition to mastering the correct anti-theft knowledge, installing a Fuyu smart lock in your home is also an extremely effective anti-theft measure. Fuyu Liushun Tianyan smart lock uses fingerprint unlocking, virtual password unlocking, IC card swiping unlocking, smart bracelet unlocking and other 6 unlocking methods, safe and convenient, the lock cylinder adopts the super B-level lock cylinder, and the anti-technical opening time exceeds 270 minutes. . Stainless steel lock body and zinc alloy panel are durable. If you are worried about the thief opening the lock by violence, when the Liushun Tianyan smart lock is opened by violence, the system will automatically call the police, so you don't have to worry about no one to help you look after the house. Liushuntianyan smart lock has a built-in high-definition camera, automatic door opening function, and stay capture function. As long as the thief stays at your door for too long, it will automatically capture and upload it to the owner's mobile phone to protect your home security anytime, anywhere. Liushun Tianyan installed an anti-cat's eye key on the door lock to effectively prevent thieves from opening the lock through the cat's eye. The door is closed by induction, and the door is automatically locked, so you no longer have to worry about forgetting to lock the door when you go out.
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