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The installation and maintenance of indoor door lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-10-26
Indoor door lock is an indispensable part of our life, is a good way to ensure the security of the family, Chinese locks have been around for thousands of years of history, so is the life of the common indoor door you know how to install and maintain? Need to what? Take a look at the indoor door lock manufacturers under the professional staff is how to say it.     Indoor door installation: & emsp;   1, if they don't understand, you can find a professional carpenter master for installation, carried out in accordance with the manual punching, install the lock body, lock, handle, control panel, etc.     2, you need to determine the height of the door lock is located, read the instructions carefully before installation, can be installed in accordance with the manual operation step by step, if the installation is not the words, just need to find a professional woodworking teacher for help.     3, door locks, such as inspection after the installation is complete, check the door lock installation is firm, whether the lubrication etc & emsp;   Indoor door maintenance: & emsp;   1, avoid violent collision locks: violent collision locks, serious deformation can make the door lock, if not careful, the door of the life will be much damage.     2, to the place of the rotating lock core has lubricant: door lock is constantly rotating parts, time is too long, can appear inflexible, caton case, if encounter stuck situation, can pour into the keyhole grey pencil, note that cannot pour gasoline, or other oils, oil easily stained with dust, accelerate the service life of the door.     3, pay attention to the cooperation between each part of the lock body, if found that meets the needs of the bad situation is handled in time, even a severe case of threat to security.     Indoor door lock factory website: http://www. zide360. com
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