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Did you buy the smart lock right? Smart Lock security experts give you six advice

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-31
Buying a safe smart door lock is a basic requirement for every family. It is also a fact that some smart locks are not safe. Experts remind you that six kinds of smart locks must not be bought. He will bring you more security risks. 1. Do not buy the anti-theft lock cylinder. Because the intelligent door lock is also an anti-theft lock, the lock cylinder is the core of anti-theft. Don't listen to the C level, look at the key to know his performance. The key has a convex and concave double-layer hole position, and there are more than two kinds of teeth, and the precision is high. For keys with insufficient precision, anti-theft performance is far from enough. Be sure to look at the precision and don't believe in the C level. Most of the C- level locks are not even enough for A- level. Portant; /> 2. Do not buy the lock core without anti-drilling settings. The lock core has a built-in anti-drill plug and anti-drill piece, and the lock core has a protective cover. Otherwise it is a fake C- level lock. No accident now does not mean that it will be safe in the future! Remember: Theft Prevention is always preventing what should happen. Portant; /> 3. Do not buy the intelligent door lock with the anti-theft lock core installed at the bottom of the front panel. The lock cylinder is placed on the smart lock at the bottom of the smart lock, and the panel can be opened by opening the door. Very unsafe. The smart lock of this structure is as safe as a dummy. Portant; '/> 4. Do not buy high-frequency technology. Most of the cheap smart locks, the high-frequency transmitter is open, very unsafe. Don't be greedy. 5. Do not select a smart lock with a pre-stored dynamic password. Tens of thousands of passwords are stored on the lock, which makes the security of the password of the smart lock seriously degraded, and the security problem is worrying. 6. Do not select the smart lock shared by the data cable and the charging socket. The charging port can read data, and the password and user data are exposed publicly. It's too dangerous. Portant; /> The safety of intelligent door lock is the most important and basic condition of intelligent door lock, and consumers must choose carefully. Try to prevent safety problems in case of occurrence. Portant; '/>
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