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Do not buy cheap fingerprint locks, otherwise you will regret it

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-05
Many consumers love and hate smart fingerprint locks, which are very popular in the market. The reason for loving it is that fingerprint locks are much better than traditional mechanical locks in terms of anti-theft performance and experience, and the installation of fingerprint locks is also a sign product of improving the quality of life. The reason for hating it is now that the neighbors have installed fingerprint locks, but the price of fingerprint locks has remained high. Some consumers do not understand fingerprint locks and are eager to buy them cheaply, so they find a lot of faults when they buy them, which is not as good as the previous mechanical locks. Recently, Mr. Chen, who lives in Zibo, Shandong, bought a fingerprint lock of more than 700 yuan from the Internet. Soon after, the fingerprint lock malfunctioned, causing things to be stolen at home. According to Mr. Chen’s introduction, the online shop he bought claimed to be a distributor of the “ola” X series fingerprint lock brand in Weifang and Zibo. Mr. Chen felt that the price of this brand was lower than that of other fingerprint lock brands in physical stores, so he was in the store. I bought it under the introduction of, and then according to the installation video given by the merchant, Mr. Chen can use it normally after installing it himself. At around 8 pm on April 14th, Mr. Chen went out to work. After locking the door, he found that he had forgotten to bring the car key. When he returned, he subconsciously pressed the handle of the fingerprint lock. He did not expect the lock to be opened, which made him very puzzled. . He closed the door again and pressed the handle of the fingerprint lock again, but the lock was opened again. After many experiments, he still has this problem. After that, Mr. Chen found that some of the cash and his wife's jewelry were missing at home, so he reported to the police on April 15. When the police arrived, they found that Mr. Chen's wife had left a stranger's fingerprints on the jewelry box, and determined that other people had indeed appeared in the house. Why can't I buy cheap fingerprint locks? Fingerprint locks are different from traditional mechanical locks. It is the perfect crystallization of computer information technology, electronic technology, mechanical technology and modern hardware technology. Next, Fuyu Hardware analyzes the cost of fingerprint locks from the manufacturing cost, and will give you a reference when purchasing. A fingerprint lock is roughly composed of front and rear panels, chips, fingerprint heads, motors, circuit boards, lock cylinders, cameras, handles, LCD screens, lock bodies, accessories and packaging. From the perspective of material cost and manufacturing, an ordinary fingerprint lock costs around 500-600 yuan, a medium one is around 1,000 yuan, and a high-end one is around 1,500 yuan. After leaving the factory, it circulates to various dealers and stores. Therefore, ordinary household fingerprint locks are generally not recommended for less than 1,200 yuan. The relative quality is basically guaranteed at more than 2,000 yuan. If you need to choose a high-end brand, it is basically more than 3,000 yuan.
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