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How to open the door when the smart electronic door lock is out of power?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-22
Smart electronic door locks require electricity to drive, and many customers worry: What if the smart electronic door lock is out of power? Will it be turned away? There is indeed a risk of not being able to return home if the power is out. But as long as the electronic code lock meets the relevant national industry standards, basically it will not be unable to enter the door because the battery is dead.   According to the 'GA374-2001 Electronic Anti-theft Lock' standard, the electronic lock must reserve a mechanical key hole in case of emergency. Of course, with a smart lock, 90% of users choose not to bring the key, because the key is easy to lose, to prevent losing the key, it is recommended that users reserve an emergency mechanical key in the office, car or bag. In 'GA 701-2007 General Technical Requirements for Fingerprint Anti-theft LocksThe capacity can ensure that the lock can be opened and closed normally 3000 times without under-voltage alarm indication. When an under-voltage alarm indication occurs, it should still be able to ensure that the normal opening operation is not less than 50 times.  The electronic lock is easy to use, avoiding the trouble of not having a key; the earlier batch of electronic locks on the market has been on the market for several years. With the passage of time, people are worried about how to open the electronic door lock in the event of a power failure. Now Huangdi will give you an answer on how to power the electronic code lock. Power supply mode:    generally use 4 AA alkaline batteries, generally can be used for about one year, one is to use two sets of circuit systems, two sets of 4 AA batteries, one set of fingerprint circuit, one set of password circuit, generally one year About half. (It depends on the function, power consumption design, number of uses, etc.). The anti-theft fingerprint lock produced according to industry standards should be equipped with an emergency power supply interface, which can be externally powered by a 9V laminated battery.  What should I do if the smart electronic door lock is out of power?   1. Normal replacement of the battery  Batteries are mostly located in the door, some are fixed with screws, and some are directly hung on the buckle.   Dry batteries needless to say, just replace them directly, and the operation is very simple. The charging of the lithium battery is also very simple. Generally, manufacturers will install a data cable in the box, which can be charged with the charging head of the mobile phone. This data line is also the data line of ordinary Android phones. There are other charging cables, which are generally similar.  2. How to open the door when the electronic code lock is out of power?   a. If the power is completely out, you can use a spare mechanical key to open the lock, and then change the battery or charge it. Lock manufacturers will be equipped with emergency mechanical keys.  B. Another situation is that the electronic code lock is out of power and there is no spare mechanical key. How to open the door? According to industry standards, the smart lock is now equipped with a USB emergency power interface outside of the lock, which can be solved in time through a power bank and a data cable. But each brand is different, the specifications and models are different, and the emergency interface positions are slightly different, but they are all the same.   The above is the basic solution to the dead electricity of the electronic code lock and the dead electricity of the smart electronic door lock. What needs to be reminded here is: if the smart lock prompts an undervoltage alarm, it is recommended to replace the battery in time to avoid affecting normal travel.
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