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New intelligent anti-theft lock comes out

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
A few days ago, Yantai Sanhuan group Rushan Shuanglian company independently developed a high-tech, high-security intelligent anti-theft system, which fills the domestic gap and is at the international leading level. This is another high-tech product of the company after the 'ceramic fiber resin-based friction material' independently developed last year. Today, the high-security intelligent anti-theft system independently developed by Shuanglian company has caused a sensation in the market. Many well-known anti-theft door manufacturers such as Panpan, Feiyun and Zhucheng have successively reached matching intentions with the company. At the Panpan product promotion meeting attended by more than 500 dealers in February this year, many dealers showed great interest in the product, and many dealers said with emotion: 'This kind of trust lock is catering to and meeting the safety needs of consumers. '
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