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The knowledge of electronic smart locks is widespread. Can you make your home locks that are not anti-theft?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-03
Go out and throw rubbish, 'KangOut of focus! 'Mom is Superman' Ma Yashu locks Aiden in the house, breaking down and crying like the end of the world 'Mom is Superman' Ma Yashu locks Aiden in the house, breaking down and crying like the end of the world, so let the happiness index of life 'crash' 'The rising smart locks are becoming more and more popular. Let's talk about this 'scheming' lock with everyone. Since the smart lock is available, there is no need to worry about feeling the north wind blowing outside the door in the winter! But are smart locks really safe? No matter how high-end you are, you must remember your duty. Locks-security and anti-theft are the most important. For example, the star lock (Samsung P718) in the previous fire was miserably complained about ~ Because of the universal card incident, many residents collectively changed their locks. So, first is a lock, then is smart! Is the smart lock safe? These indicators are very important. 1. The lock cylinder is the most obvious part of checking whether a lock is qualified. Currently, the public security department has two levels of A and B, and some businesses have a super B/C level, most of which are self-proclaimed by enterprises. Public security smart lock standard Tips: Class A, technically open for more than 1 minute; Class B, technically open for more than 5 minutes; Class C/Super B, cannot be opened or technically opened for more than 270 minutes; It is said that in a program of Jiang TV, A 10-year-old child can open most A-level locks with simple techniques, so the A-level lock cylinder is decisively discarded~ 2. The lock body is more professional in identification, mainly because the side tongue is 304 stainless steel, and the hardness of the anti-theft tongue is higher. HRC55, you know so professionally, you don't need to pick the lock, in fact, it's OK to just look for a qualified big brand to make it. 3. The clutch clutch is easy to understand. It is easy to understand that the internal structure of the drive lock achieves the purpose of unlocking. It should be remembered that you need to buy a smart lock for the inner door of the clutch, because the outer door is equivalent to exposing your seven inches It’s so bold to call someone else~ The undesirable front-lock clutch steals fingerprints. It’s almost impossible to see the male and female protagonists doing all kinds of methods on TV/movies to steal the fingerprints of a wealthy master, and then steal a treasure It’s a different product, but the reality is not exactly the same as TV. You must know that the plot needs to be bigger than the sky. Fingerprint recognition has been developed to the point where it must be a living fingerprint, and it is impossible to imitate a fingerprint without deliberately copying a fingerprint. The fingerprint film that can open the fingerprint lock needs to be reproduced by pressing the finger on the mold for at least 3 minutes. The fingerprint traces left in our lives can only be used for forensic evidence and cannot be reproduced. And most importantly, any lock can only protect against gentlemen, not villains! 'As long as it is better than the neighbor's lock' (Who said this sentence...). Will the fingerprint lock be stuck? Even people occasionally do stupid things with their heads caught in the door, not to mention the machines that keep running, all year round! Have you ever seen a long-standby high-profile notebook that has been as smooth as ever? Therefore, electronic products also have the risk of being stuck. In fact, the number of stuck deaths is within a reasonable range, for example, once or twice a year, it can be solved immediately after shutting down and restarting. Now almost all regular manufacturers can meet this requirement, but 2 or 30 people just set up a place and post a logo to sell, then there is no guarantee~ and you also need to remember that smart locks need to be charged or replaced. Oh~ Otherwise, unfortunately there is no electricity and the door is locked outside, you can only call the after-sales service or turn the window to escape~ Then, how to choose a smart lock? 1. After-sales service is extremely important. When the smart lock occasionally fluctuates and crashes, people inside cannot get out, people outside cannot get in, call after-sales service, and find that there is no after-sales service~~~~ That is quite embarrassing, a call with strong after-sales service ability , Will arrive at the scene to solve the fault in a short time. So: after-sales service>anti-theft>intelligence. 2. The brand is also very important. Big-name manufacturers often have qualification certifications and can issue relevant qualification certifications, and the quality is relatively guaranteed. You must know that it is not terrible to spend a high price. The terrible thing is that a high price is paid for a thief. Lock. Refer to the parameters when purchasing: • The speed of reading fingerprints exceeds 1 second, and you need to think carefully; • Check the lock core level, whether it is super B or C level; • The clutch can be passed off if it is placed outside the door panel; • Test the password and test it several times to see how fast it responds. After reading it, I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of smart locks. Friends who have installed smart locks at home, is your lock's anti-theft level high? Finally, Fuyu electronic smart locks show that everyone is ready to install the locks at home. You must carefully refer to the above several items. A good lock is the basic guarantee for home safety.
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