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Don't worry about the use of the anti-theft door heaven and earth hook? This article tells you! -Hot news

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-13
What is heaven and earth hook? To be honest, I didn't know when I had never been in the smart lock industry. Until I did the smart lock industry, I didn't notice that some anti-theft doors have heaven and earth hooks, and some do not have heaven and earth hooks. Heaven and earth hooks, as the name suggests, are the hooks on the upper and lower sides of the security door. I believe that many owners are the same as the editor. Focus on Tiandi Hook is only known when ordinary mechanical locks at home are replaced with fingerprint locks, because when you buy a fingerprint lock, the merchant will generally confirm with you whether your home security door has a heaven and earth hook. . At present, there are still many brands of fingerprint locks that are not suitable for domestic anti-theft doors with heaven and earth hooks. Especially when the lock body of some owners is Wang Li lock and other special lock bodies, it is a headache to adapt the heaven and earth hook. Many locksmiths have also reported that when the original anti-theft door hook is to be removed because the fingerprint lock is installed, many owners disagree. The owner is worried about insecurity, but the locksmith thinks that the hook is actually redundant. Everyone recognizes the hook. Knowing the difference leads to endless debates. Today, the editor will solve this problem: Is the anti-theft door with heaven and earth hook safer? Do I need to remove the heaven and earth hooks if I install the fingerprint lock? I have also read a lot of articles discussing Tiandi Hook. In summary, it is basically divided into two schools: One said that Tiandi Hook is meaningless for anti-theft doors. The theoretical basis is that the core of anti-theft doors lies in the lock. As long as the lock is opened, the anti-theft Basically, no matter how many lock points the door has, it will be meaningless. In the process of fire escape of high-rise buildings, the hook of heaven and earth is likely to affect the function of escape, so there is no hook of heaven and earth in the fire and anti-theft door of high-rise buildings. The other faction is the steadfast world-earth hook. The basis is the increased lock points, which must increase the safety performance. In addition, when the anti-violent dismantling, the world-earth hook can play a good protective role and enhance the security of the anti-theft door. sex. In fact, both viewpoints seem to make sense. According to the national implementation standards for security doors, security doors are divided into four security levels: A, B, C, and D. The security level of A is the highest, and the security level is the highest. The heaven and earth hook appeared in order to meet the level of the security door. Therefore, Youyoupai believes that it is reasonable for the heaven and earth hook to increase the security of the security door. However, in real life, violent door opening is decreasing. In various burglaries, violent door opening only accounts for less than 1%. Therefore, the useless party also has some truth. The function of the world hook is only visually and psychologically safer. So is the heaven and earth hook useful? The author believes that judging from the structure of the anti-theft door, the heaven and earth hook is meaningful, but it is not necessary. Because the function of the heaven and earth hook is not only to prevent theft, but also has a function that is not described in the standard, the correction function, especially in the new anti-theft door. The function is here to prevent the anti-theft door from tilting excessively. But this is only a small function, so it is meaningful, but it is not necessary, because the quality of the anti-theft door is getting better and better, the rigidity of the hinge is getting better and better, and the tilting situation is less. So it is meaningful, not necessary. Especially in recent years, there have been many news reports of high-level fire house accidents. When a house fire occurs, the high temperature causes the door to deform, and the mechanical keyhole is distorted. The existence of heaven and earth hooks will indeed increase the difficulty of opening the door, affecting people's escape and the time for firefighters to open the door. High-levels try not to choose doors with heaven and earth hooks. Do I need to remove the heaven and earth hook to install the fingerprint lock? According to the editor, many domestic brands support the world hook, and every model of Fuyu smart lock supports it, so if your door has a world hook and you don’t want to remove the fingerprint lock, then choose to support fingerprints that are compatible with the world hook brand. The lock will do. In case of special circumstances, you don’t have to worry about removing the heaven and earth hook when installing the fingerprint lock. As long as it does not affect the aesthetics of the door, removing the heaven and earth hook will not bring any safety hazards to the home. Especially when it comes to automatic fingerprint locks, removing the heaven and earth hooks can also increase the service life of the fingerprint locks.
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