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Fuyu smart locks originate from care and use 'love' to give back, donate 6 yuan for every lock sold to help the elderly-media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-20
Through the smart door lock, you can view the entry and exit records of the elderly and children at home on your mobile phone whether you are at work, business trip or traveling; and the smart door lock will also push the photos of parents opening the door to you in real time; every time your parents open the door, they will listen To the kind voice greeting you set in the smart door lock; parents no longer need to bring the key to open the door. The finger is the key or the smart bracelet unlocks. If the parents encounter an emergency in the room and need help, call the property through the smart bracelet with one button or Children; if a thief patronizes your door and stays at your door for more than 30 seconds, the smart door lock will automatically capture and send the photo to you. If a thief violently opens the smart door lock, it will automatically alarm; when parents go out, the smart door lock will automatically lock, so you don’t need to worry about the door. Unlocked... I believe that these functions of smart door locks are very much looking forward to families with elderly people. Fuyu Tianyan smart locks have achieved these functions of smart door locks. In the future, Fuyu smart locks will have more functions tailored exclusively for the elderly. Behind all these innovations and designs stems from the care for the elderly. According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics, as of the end of 2017, the number of elderly people over 60 in my country has exceeded 240 million, accounting for 17.3% of the total population. It is expected that China will be the country with the most aging population in the near future, reaching 3 The proportion of the population of more than 100 million. In this proportion, the empty-nest and lonely elderly population will continue to increase, and will increase to 118 million in 2020. Young people nowadays are working on their careers outside, and often cannot be with their parents. It often happens when parents are old and forget to bring the key when they go out. Turning the window and opening the door is extremely dangerous, and asking a locksmith to open the door is time-consuming and costly, but installing a smart door lock can easily solve it. The unique family function of Fuyu smart door locks to care for the elderly is to help children who are working outside to guard your home and guard your beloved parents. Grateful for the company and give back with 'love' Fuyu Hardware has gone through ups and downs for more than 30 years. Today's achievements cannot be achieved without the love and support of consumers, and Fuyu is a company that is grateful and has a sense of social responsibility. enterprise. The Fuyu Tianyan smart lock position is a filial lock that cares for the elderly. We encourage children to be filial in time and spend more time with their parents, and through the Tianyan smart lock to help you protect the elderly at home when your children are busy at work, in the Fuyu Tianyan smart lock version 2.0 At the time of listing, Fuyu established the 'filial piety fund' to care for the elderly. Every time a Fuyu smart lock was sold, it donated 6 yuan to the filial piety fund to help those widows and lonely elderly people, so that they always have a 'lock'. Fuyu has successfully transformed from a traditional door lock hardware to the smart door lock industry, and has now built a Ru0026D and production base for 2,000 smart door locks per day. Mr. Xiang, Chairman of Fuyu Hardware, said: “We hope that in the future, Fuyu Hardware can donate 12,000 yuan to the Filial Piety Fund every day to help the elderly, and through this move, we also hope that more children can understand that their parents are getting older. Advocate children's timely filial piety, and encourage more people in society to care for the elderly. 'The social responsibility of enterprises requires scientific development of enterprises and creates profits, but also emphasizes the contribution to consumers and society in the production process. Human capital is more important than monetary capital. Fuyu insists on 'people-orientedThere is no end to the road of protecting family safety. There is no end to the road of gratitude, companionship, and dedication to public welfare. Fuyu's goal is to realize that people can be 'locked' in all aspects.
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