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How can the B- end market become a powerful breakthrough for intelligent locks to fall to the ground and popularize in an all-round way?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-07
As an entrance product of smart home, smart door lock has always been ranked C among many kinds of smart items by virtue of its practicality of function and convenience of unlocking method, it has been widely used in B- end markets such as hotels, apartments, offices, residential quarters and real estate, deepening consumers' understanding of the intelligent era and intelligent life. From the point of view of shipments, the B- side has also been the main field. The demand for smart locks is not only strong, but also the purchase volume is huge. However, in comparison, the landing situation of smart locks in the C- end market is slightly deserted. The C- end user has a strong purchase intention, but the action is weak. The powerful security function of the smart lock and the convenient unlocking experience, almost no user can resist, but pay the bill'It's another matter. Recently, the smart lock Head brand Luke conducted a survey on the use of door locks by domestic people. The Report data shows that more than 70% of consumers are interested in buying smart locks. From this data, the landing prospect of the smart door lock C- Side stock market is still very worth looking forward to. However, if the current market penetration rate of 3% is compared, it is another scene, and the purchase intention cannot be converted into driving force, it has become the biggest problem hindering the popularization of smart locks in the C- end market. This is the same as shopping without Shopping. The so-called popularity on the C side is just a false fire, and it is still difficult to form a prairie fire. How to turn intention into action and accelerate market penetration? In order to turn consumers' purchase intention of smart locks into action, we can make efforts from the following three aspects: 1. Improve product quality and establish brand reputation; 2. Strengthen the driving role of the head Smart Lock brand. 3, do a good job in pre-sales marketing promotion, after-sales service. The convenience brought by smart locks to life is self-evident, so why is the blowout of the C- end market still delayed in the future? Zhijiawang believes that trust' The problem is a big stumbling block. First, do not trust the quality and stability of the product, worry that the failure in the use process will affect the normal use, and secondly, do not trust the technical strength, worry about high price Smart Lock security performance also is not as good as that of normal mechanical lock. As the smart lock industry is still an emerging industry and the popularity of the C- end market is still low, many consumers do not have a deep understanding of smart locks and usually know about smart locks through media, advertisements and other channels, it's easy to hear the wind is the rain' The phenomenon, like the little black box before' After some consumers heard about the incident, they immediately said that the idea of buying smart locks recently had been completely dismissed, and when many well-known smart lock brand manufacturers personally tested themselves to justify themselves, consumers are still full of doubts and even suspect that the testing process is fraudulent. A negative event has caused such a big blow to the entire smart lock industry, which reflects the huge hidden worries of users. In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, improve product quality and establish brand reputation, it is urgent, which is also the best means to enhance users' trust. Secondly, strengthen the Head brand and star brand, strengthen consumers' awareness of the whole smart lock industry through these brands, increase goodwill, and minimize the phenomenon that consumers want to buy smart locks but do not know what brand is good. Of course, marketing promotion is also the top priority. Good marketing can play the role of market education, increase consumers' acceptance of smart locks, and finally provide consumers with good pre-sales and after-sales services, let them feel that after-sales is guaranteed, even if there is a fault, someone will solve it in time, and they can buy it with confidence.
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